From the editor

Need to celebrate in August?

Wed, 08/05/2020 - 8:45am

    Every once in a while, I dip into the National Days Calendar website to get ideas for this column. Before taking this week off from work (returning Sunday, Aug. 9), I discovered that the first week in August is National Simplify Your Life Week. Perfect. I wanted to find some fun things to celebrate during my week off. Then, I thought, why not give my readers some ideas for things to celebrate for the rest of August.

    For most of the days listed below, I have given readers a choice on some fun topics to celebrate (with a few serious ones thrown in the mix). I am starting with Aug. 5 because this will be the first day readers will see this column. So here goes!

    5. Work like a dog day or National Oyster Day: Not working, so I guess it’s down the hatch with a plate of the region’s delicious oysters!

    6: Indian Pale Ale Day or Root Beer Float Day. Haven’t had a RBF for years, whereas I’ve had IPAs occasionally!

    7. Lighthouse Day or Water Balloon Day: Watch out, granddaughters, Papa’s coming for ya!

    8. Sleep under the stars night or Garage Sale Day: Too many bugs at night – check this newspaper’s classifieds for the weekend’s yard or garage sale offerings.

    9. Book Lovers Day or Rice Pudding Day: My recliner, another Stephen King book, maybe another RBF? But only after I get my work done.

    10. Lazy Day or S’mores Day: I’ll be back at work, so I guess I’ll have a s’more – just one (not a big fan).

    11. Presidential Joke Day or Son’s and Daughter’s Day: We’ve laughed quite a lot (or cringed) the past four years … Thank you Sara and Tim for being such wonderful children.

    12. Julienne Fries Day or Vinyl Records Day: Still have some 45s and LPs, but not a player. Maybe a trip to McDonald’s?

    13. Prosecco Day or Filet Mignon Day: Don’t you just want to do both!

    14. Creamsicle Day or V-J Day: Mmmm … another item I haven’t had for quite a while. And catching up on the history of the final days of World War II would be fun, too.

    15. Relaxation Day or Lemon Meringue Day: Another “do both” day!

    16. Rum Day or Tell a Joke Day: Have more than one and the mouth will start chattering – however, I don’t remember jokes, rum or no rum.

    17. Nonprofit Day or Thrift Shop Day: Visit our local thrift shops and help the nonprofits that run them.

    18. Fajita or Ice Cream Pie: Like them both … don’t you miss Bravo’s?

    19. Bow Day or Soft Ice Cream: I can’t compete with JoJo Siwa, so I’ll take a medium twist!

    20. Radio Day or Chocolate Pecan Pie Day: WBLM or SiriusXM (Beatles channel), and throw a dab of vanilla ice cream on it

    21. National Spumoni Day or Senior Citizen Day: Never had one (flavored frozen gelato) but, why not?! When will I become a senior citizen – at 63, am I considered one?

    22. Be an Angel Day or Never Bean Better Day: A friend and I compare our good deeds (he is amazing); I had never heard of the second offering – the observance honors a special therapy dog, Bean, who eagerly spreads his Bean wuv everywhere he goes. Visit to learn more.

    OK, time to finish up ... No more comments!

    23. Sponge Cake (nothing else was listed)

    24. Peach Pie or Waffles

    25. Whiskey Sour or Banana Split

    26. Women’s Equality or Cherry Popsicle

    27. National Just Because Day

    28. Rainbow Bridge or Red Wine

    29. Chop Suey

    30. Toasted Marshmallows or Beach

    31. Matchmaker or Trail Mix.

    Enjoy the rest of August!