From the editor

Munro and Memorial Day

Wed, 05/22/2019 - 8:45am

My longtime friend Munro Dodge, who moved from Boothbay Harbor to Boothbay a couple of years ago, grew up in East Boothbay.

Some of you may not know it, but many of you know he is a true friend of our veterans. For many years, he has written letters to the editor on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, and sometimes Pearl Harbor and D-Day, reminding us that we must never forget the sacrifices of our veterans and current service men and women. No one else has penned that many letters — at least since I’ve been at the helm – and I have lost track of how many years he’s been doing that. Sometimes he calls me up to recycle some letters, with some minor changes, if he’s running late for one reason or another.

He does other things related to veterans. If you pass by his old homestead in East Boothbay (across the road from Lobsterman’s Wharf), you will see the World War II monument, where the Memorial Day service is held each year. Every year, for who knows how long, Munro has weeded, planted, painted and refurbished that monument and grounds. He has also worked to spiff up the cemetery in East Boothbay several springs. He relates the story of how, as a student at East Boothbay Grammar School, he and others were required to march in the East Boothbay Memorial Day parade.

He wanted me to put something in this week’s paper about Memorial Day.

Well, here it is, good buddy, and thanks for your many years of supporting our veterans and remembering those lost during wartime.

I didn’t forget his request as he did call me on Monday. I just wanted to make sure he gets the credit he deserves.