Millers get approval for updated Lobsterman’s Wharf renovation

Fri, 05/22/2020 - 4:30pm

Millers Holdings, LLC received planning board approval May 20 to tear down their East Boothbay restaurant and rebuild Lobsterman’s Wharf’s aging foundation. Owners Dan and Eileen Miller have scaled back their plans from 2018. The board unanimously approved a permit for a site development amendment. The Millers received approval for placing a tent, outdoor bar and food truck this year. They have delayed plans to renovate Lobsterman’s Wharf until this fall.

In other action, Lauren Stockwell of Stockwell Environmental Consulting represented four clients who all received planning board approval for their projects. Ellen Bengis of London, United Kingdom received approval to  construct an addition to her pier. The property is at 30 Edgewater Way, in a special residential zone in the shoreline overlay. Stockwell explained her client wants to widen a pier to six feet, lengthen the runaway to 36 feet and replace one float with two 20-foot by 10-foot ones. The board unanimously approved Bengis’ application. 

Maria and Merrill Liteplo of Palm City, Florida received approval to rebuild and expand a runaway and float. The couple’s seasonal home is at 30 Ridge Road, in a special residential zone and shoreline overlay. Stockwell explained the previous structure was damaged in a windstorm last October.

Peter Branch and Paula Carreiro of Annapolis, Maryland received approval to construct a pier, ramp, float and skid way/haul out. The couple’s seasonal property at 5 Bufflehead Cove is in a maritime general residential zone and shoreline overlay. 

Bradford Collins of Fort Myers Beach, Florida received approval to lengthen a pier by 15 feet and two floats each by 12 feet by 20 feet. Collins’ seasonal property is at 57 Delano Drive, in a special residential zone and shoreline overlay. 

Town Manager Dan Bryer reported measures were being taken to reopen the municipal building in June. He planned to meet with staff Friday, May 22, to discuss their comfort level in reopening the municipal offices to the public. Bryer also explained selectmen were considering holding their June 10 meeting in the municipal conference room. The meeting would be limited to 10 people so the board would continue to use Webex video conferencing. Chairman Sam Morris responded the planning board would follow the selectmen’s example. The planning board meets next at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 17.