Midcoast Conservancy offers Conservation Stewardship course

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 7:45am

Midcoast Conservancy is offering a Conservation Stewardship course on Saturday, May 25 and Saturday, June 1, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 pm. Learning to be an effective conservation steward requires deepening one’s relationships with place and people. This two-day workshop offers an opportunity to experience this region with local experts, each other and with the river and forest. Participants will learn about three watersheds and how conservation at the landscape scale works and explore stewardship challenges related to natural and land use history on guided habitat walks. In addition, there will be opportunities to deepen their relationship with the natural world by experiencing the Sheepscot River and Hidden Valley Nature Center Forest through sensory experience; and visit the Whitefield Salmon Reserve and Coopers Mill Dam to learn about river ecology, the history of dams on the Sheepscot, and the conservation issues involved in both.

Developing knowledge about the ecological processes and principles that inform one’s habitats can be made meaningful and personal by developing an emotional attachment to place.  This attachment often results in a sense of care or stewardship towards the life all around. It is the intention of this two day workshop to expand knowledge, together, about this region through both heart and mind.

The program faculty includes Susan Bickford, nature and forest therapy guide; Barrie Brusila, forester; aquatic biologist Susan Davies; educator Robin Huntley; historian Harriet Vaughn; and ecologist Janet McMahon, along with Midcoast Conservancy staff and expert volunteers.

Participants should be at least 16 years old and the group will be limited to 20 participants. Cost is $40 for the two weekends. To learn more, see complete bios of program faculty, or to register, go to https://www.midcoastconservancy.org/events/conserving-and-caring-for-the-heart-of-the-midcoast/

Call (207) 389-5150 with any questions.