Maxmin unseats Dow; Stover, Hanley, Hepler prevail in rematches

Biden, Collins, Pingree ride a split ticket to D.C.
Mon, 11/09/2020 - 4:45pm

    Much like the presidential election, Maine State House Districts 87 and 89 and Senate District 13 seats had highly contested races. House District 88 Rep. Chloe Maxmin (D) challenged longtime Senate District 13 incumbent and Senate Minority Leader Dana Dow (R); Former House 89 representative Stephanie Hawke (R) challenged incumbent Rep. Holly Stover (D) in a rematch and House 87 Rep. Jeffery Hanley (R) faced former representative Timothy Marks (D) for a fourth term.

    Maxmin had a narrow victory against Dow, 12,636 to 12,040, to represent District 13 towns Alna, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Bremen, Bristol, South Bristol, Damariscotta, Edgecomb, Jefferson, Monhegan, Newcastle, Nobleboro, Somerville, Southport, Waldoboro, Washington, Westport Island, Whitefield, Windsor and Wiscasset. Maxmin carried 13 towns to Dow’s seven: Jefferson, Somerville, Waldoboro, Washington, Whitefield and Windsor.

    “I want to express a lot of gratitude to Dana Dow for serving the community for so many years and I'm really grateful to District 13 for electing me,” said Maxmin.

    Maxmin said she is excited to sponsor a few bills in the upcoming 130th legislature that bring her constituents and Augusta closer together, but she is also keen on working to resolve one of the biggest problems she witnessed while campaigning: division.

    “It’s almost straight down the middle,” Maxmin said. “We can either succumb to those divisions or we can focus on trying to bridge those gaps, unite and build something better together. I’m opting for the latter.”

    Maxmin swung House 88 in 2018 as the first Democrat and second woman to represent Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson and Nobleboro.

    Stover defeated Hawke 3,242 to 2,815 for her second term representing House District 89’s Westport Island, Edgecomb, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport and part of South Bristol. Stover attributed her victory to a dedicated campaign staff and consistency in bringing local issues to Augusta.

    “I feel very honored and I'm thankful to all of the people across the six towns in this district who worked incredibly hard to help me with this campaign. It is not lost on me that the tremendous effort and energy and time that was put into this paid off immensely.”

    Hanley won his fourth term against Marks,  3,117 to 2,419 and won with the backing of three out of four towns, Wiscasset, Pittston and Richmond. Marks carried Alna by by nearly 100 votes, or about 60%. Marks’s challenge came as a rematch of the 2014 election Hanley won.

    Stover said dedication to the communities was not unique to her – Hawke also ran her campaign on her commitment to the people of the Boothbay region and beyond. “I would like to commend Stephanie Hawke for running a strong campaign where she was able to demonstrate what she offers to our communities as well. I'd like to recognize her for all that she has done and does do for the communities.”

    Hanley ran his campaign on a dire need to curb spending in Augusta, and on working toward returning everybody “to school, to work, to normal.”

    “It's obvious the people of my district were listening to what I was saying about what's coming at us in the next year or two …Let's hope the Democrat Party, which is in total control, and the governor listens to outside input. We have not had a good two-way discussion no matter what they say publicly. When in negotiations, it's been a one-sided battle. I hope that changes.”

    House District 53 Rep. Allison Hepler defeated former representative Jeffery Pierce, 3,128 to 2,966. The rematch split the district with a majority from Arrowsic, Georgetown and Woolwich for Hepler and Dresden, Phippsburg and Richmond for Pierce.

    Lincoln County Judge of Probate William Avantaggio kept his robe in a landslide victory – 13,069 to 8,541 – against independent challenger Meegan Burbank.