Local restaurants make progress in reducing plastic footprint

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 8:45am

According to state law, most Maine restaurants must eliminate single-use plastic bags by April 2020. Styrofoam products will be banned in most Maine restaurants in 2021. During the past several weeks, members of the Boothbay region’s Committee for a Plastic-free Peninsula (PFP) conducted a survey of approximately 45 local restaurants. The aim was to learn about their efforts to reduce or eliminate plastic straws, single-use plastic bags, and other plastic and styrofoam products.

The survey process is ongoing. The committee already has discovered that most Boothbay region restaurants are keen to reduce plastic and styrofoam usage and are making steady progress toward doing so.

To recognize restaurants with the most success, PFP has developed a decal to honor their achievements. An attractive green and blue decal marks a restaurant as an earth-friendly business that is supporting the principle of a plastic-free peninsula.

If you have a survey but have not yet submitted it — or if you have not yet been contacted — please go on line to https://tinyurl.com/EarthFriendlySurvey and answer the eight survey questions. PFP will be in touch with you if you have earned the earth-friendly decal.