Kefauver offers virtual and plein air art lessons

Wed, 06/10/2020 - 12:00pm

Will Kefauver, owner of the Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, is offering art lessons in several modes: virtual and plein air, in private or small-group lessons. As safety restrictions ease, Kefauver will re-introduce classes in his studio. 

Kefauver says, “The technologies available today allow us to safely get up close and personal in a teaching situation. I’m able to both offer demos during class sessions as well as monitor each student’s progress. Plein air sessions, of course, allow plenty of room for safe distancing while working in beautiful local sites.”

Kefauver is able to offer virtual lessons via the Zoom app, available on computer, iPad, and phones.  Students can choose to take a private lesson or join a group class.  Group classes have a maximum enrollment of 4 students, insuring that each student receives attention to their work. Lessons are offered to teens and adults in oils.  All levels are offered, from beginner to advanced. 

Students have found both in-person and virtual lessons helpful.  Valerie Ireland says, “Being new to oil painting, and art lessons in general, I wasn’t sure what I would get out of virtual painting classes but it was worth a try.  Will is an incredibly accomplished painter. Turns out he is an equally excellent teacher! I learned so much in my first ten lessons. I am amazed how he can use Zoom to teach the precepts, talk me through techniques as needed, correct missteps and get me back on course. He is patient and so kind. He instills confidence, which is the mark of a great teacher. It occurred to me one day, the guidance is his but the brushstrokes are 100% mine! I love the results. I’m on my third round of classes and am learning every day.“

Art student Wendy Bellows says, “I've found the Zoom classes to be very useful.  One of the things I like best is that we get to see and hear all of Will’s comments, rather than just those aimed at our own painting. (In that sense, I almost like them better than painting in his studio!)“

Jan Kilburn, professional watercolorist, who is well-known throughout Maine, has recently tried her hand at painting in oils.  She says, “I have been painting with Will Kefauver for the last six months. Being a watercolorist for 30 years, I wanted to explore painting with oils. Most of our time has been with Zoom, but Will has made it a real classroom. His attention to detail, explanations, great sense of humor, and patience, has made it a wonderful and fun learning experience. Will has certainly made the medium come alive for me.”

Kefauver says, “As we all navigate this new world, virtual learning might be the time to explore your interest in art.  If you’re shy about beginning a new skill or simply shy about venturing out, I can work with you.  Get in touch, and we’ll figure out what is best for you.”

Kefauver Studio & Gallery is also open to visitors. The gallery has new procedures in place to comply with state guidelines and to insure a safe environment. All visitors must wear a mask and maintain 6’ of distance between themselves and other visitors. Disposable masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are available, if needed. The Gallery and the restroom are sanitized regularly throughout the day.

To schedule a lesson, or for more information, contact Will Kefauver at 207-226-0974,, or

Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.