From the editor

Keep your children safe

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 8:45am

I remember the incredible panic when our toddler son went missing for a few seconds in a large department store. I first yelled his name then took off running toward the front door. My fear was that someone had taken him. Luckily, after another few seconds, he appeared from behind a clothing rack.

That feeling stuck with me until he was old enough to wander around a store alone.

However, that lesson learned stuck with me and when it came time to watch our granddaughters in a store or anywhere out in public, my eyes were constantly watching them. I always know where they are. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to them under my watch.

I recently came across a Facebook post shared by a friend from the website, Fabiosa. The article was “10 Things You Should Teach Your Kids to Keep Them Safe.” I like to read those types of articles as a reminder to be diligent and to learn about child safety.

The 10 things were:

1. Create a password. Should a stranger tell your child that he or she was asked to bring you home or should come with them, the child should ask the stranger for the password (created by the parent and child). It could ward off the stranger.

2. Teach your child his or her address, home phone number, and names of the parents. In case they get lost.

3. Don’t talk to strangers. This can’t be repeated enough.

4. Teach your child to be cautious with social networks. This one worries me as the granddaughters get more and more into the internet.

5. Let you know. You are not invading their privacy if you insist on knowing where they are at all times. You are trying to keep them safe.

6. Say “no.” Teach your child to say no if they feel uncomfortable around anyone.

7. Don’t leave home alone. Times have changed. Don’t let your child go someplace alone.

8. Don’t take anything from strangers. To quote the website: “Teach your kid to never take anything from other people without your permission, even if they know this person.”

9. Home alone rules. If your child has to be alone, due to unforeseen circumstances, teach them about surveying the home, keeping the door locked and not answering strange phone calls or visitors, and, never open the door.

10. Teach your child important phone numbers.

The article concluded with some sage advice: Use these tips so your child will be better protected.