From the editor

Keep staying healthy, folks

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 8:45am

Did you read the Washington Post article about Maine's aging population which started with the headline, "'This will be catastrophic'?"

It is pretty scary. The numbers don't lie and let's hope the trend changes in the next decade. Come to Maine, young folks. It is a great place to live.

Here are a couple of startling points from the article written by the Post's economic policy reporter Jeff Stein: "Last year, Maine crossed a crucial aging milestone: A fifth of its population is older than 65, which meets the definition of “super-aged,” according to the World Bank.

"By 2026, Maine will be joined by more than 15 other states, according to Fitch Ratings, including Vermont and New Hampshire, Maine’s neighbors in the Northeast; Montana; Delaware; West Virginia; Wisconsin; and Pennsylvania. More than a dozen more will meet that criterion by 2030."

As you can see, we're not graying alone, but we are leading the pack. Heck, by 2026, I will be nearly 70.

The article focused a lot on the problems of finding and financing care for the elderly. There are not enough nursing homes, not enough healthcare workers and those who care for their parents at home are finding it financially difficult.

Personally, I am hoping that my children won't have to take care of me as I get older. It is hard enough for them to maintain a job, take care of their home and have a life of their own these days.

One of the best things we — those who are reaching or have passed retirement age — can do is to stay healthy, keep working or staying busy, and help find a solution to this problem.