Group hopes to secure Maine’s next specialty license plate: Maine lighthouse

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 11:45am

The Maine Lighthouse Trust has announced it is in the final phase of securing the mandated number of  advance purchase lighthouse license plates needed to advance the campaign to the legislature for final approval.

Said Maine Lighthouse Trust founder Sean P. Murphy, “We’ve had a great response to the new lighthouse license plate. Support has come from all over Maine.”

Murphy reports the group is on record pace to make the lighthouse license plate Maine’s next specialty license plate. The non-profit group hopes to secure the final pre-purchased plates before the end of August. The Maine Lighthouse Trust is required to have Maine residents with active vehicle registrations pre-order the new license plate prior to the Secretary of State drafting legislation and presenting it to the Legislature for final approval.

The initial cost of the lighthouse specialty license plate is $25 and the annual renewal cost is $15. The Maine Lighthouse Trust will receive $10 from the initial purchase and $10 per annual renewal.

The Maine Lighthouse Trust will distribute the accrued funds in the form of grants to statewide lighthouse organizations for the ongoing preservation, restoration and education/awareness of Maine’s historic sentinels. It is estimated the lighthouse plate will raise in excess of $200,000 per year for Maine’s lighthouse community.

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