letter to the editor

Great service

Posted:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 11:30am

Dear Editor:

Last Wednesday night before the blizzard set in, I was getting out of a meeting at 8:30 and I needed gas. That's when I heard that Irving was out of gas. Heading home to Edgecomb, I saw that Irving was still open, but the only gas was high test. That was better than not having any and that’s when I noticed that they were selling high test at the same price as regular. Irving management was there helping out the best way they could. Thanks!

In addition, as a retired automotive engineer, I noticed that Irving gas is now Top Tier. Top Tier gas has more detergent  additives that help prevent deposits on the fuel injectors and valves. All of the major automotive companies recommend this gas. Just another reason to buy their gas.

Bob Crink