Get to the Point!

Ocean Point a top attraction
Sun, 07/07/2024 - 8:15am

    There’s no better place in the Boothbay region to see Maine’s dramatic coastline than Ocean Point. No matter your schedule or the weather, it’s a must-see on every visitor’s bucket list. 

    Take a break from busy downtown Boothbay Harbor to relax by the water and watch boats pass by Ram Island Lighthouse. At high tide, waves put on a show as they crash against rocky shores. When the water recedes, check for tingling sea life throughout wave-hidden tide pools. But the views don’t stop when the sun sets. Ocean Point is a prime spot to take in the night sky, especially during a full moon.  

    For more active exploration, Ocean Point Beach, at the end of Ocean Point Road, is a pleasant spot for a cool dip on a hot day. A nearby trail wraps eastward around the coastline. Ocean Point Preserve, off of Van Horn Road, is another walking option and has trails leading farther inland on a 15-acre property.  

    From downtown Boothbay Harbor, it’s around seven miles to reach the tip of the Ocean Point peninsula. To get there, go south on Route 27 and take a right onto South 96. Stay on 96 for around five miles and take a right onto Van Horn Road, which will take a sharp right onto Shore Road. Shore Road wraps around the peninsula with opportunities to stop for a walk, picnic, or take some photos. Shore Road eventually turns left into Ocean Point Road and back into 96. However, roads were damaged during severe winter storms, which may affect conditions and limit parking.