Town of Edgecomb

Fire department alerts selectmen about possible EMS vax requirement

Wed, 08/25/2021 - 7:15am

A proposed state policy may require vaccinations for all Emergency Medical Services personnel. Edgecomb Assistant Fire Chief Roland Abbott told Edgecomb selectmen he and Chief Roy Potter tried listening earlier in the day Aug. 23 to a Zoom conference about the state requiring EMS personnel to have COVID-19 vaccinations. “Roy and I tried to log on, but they only had 1,000 spots with about 1,400 trying to log on,” he said. “We haven’t heard anything, and usually when a change is made an email is sent.”

As assistant chief, Abbott is required to keep department records. He reported all but two fire department personnel received COVID-19 vaccinations. Abbott also said unvaccinated personnel are required to wear masks in the fire station. “The real issue here is nobody knows what this is going to cost to maintain records. So we will come back when we know more,” Abbott said.

In other action, selectmen reviewed a proposed solar power ordinance draft. On Aug. 19, the planning board approved language for a solar ordinance. In March, the planning board conditionally approved a New York City-based power company’s application to build a solar array on U.S. Route 1. Syncarpha Capital, LLC plans to construct a 4.9 megawatt solar array with 17,500 panels.

But the town has no ordinance dealing with solar power. In recent months, the ordinance review committee researched various solar power ordinances which resulted in writing one based on Wiscasset’s and language provided by Maine Municipal Association. The proposed ordinance has been adapted to address the planning board’s concerns about wildlife.

Selectmen are undecided whether to wait until May’s town meeting or call a special town meeting for considering adoption. Selectmen will set dates for public hearings and a town meeting date for a vote next month.

Selectman Ted Hugger reported letters to Stephenson property abutters had been mailed. “They have 30 days from today to reply,” he said. Edgecomb received ownership of the property after a 2017 Wiscasset District Court ruling in the town’s favor during a contempt hearing. The court ruled Stephenson Marine Trust violated a 2013 consent agreement with the town. The trust was obligated to pay a $25,000 fine. Edgecomb applied the fine to the property’s tax bill and foreclosed after the lien matured.

Selectmen also made two appointments. The board appointed Nick Mirabile and Alesia Norling to three-year terms on the appeals board. Chairman Dawn Murray will also ask David Nutt to serve as harbor master. Selectmen are also considering holding more meetings by Zoom conference. Murray will investigate how other municipalities use technology for public meetings. “I know the school is having the public participate through Zoom. We could have a meeting here with the public and for those who can’t attend can still participate through Zoom,” Selectman Mike Smith said.

Town Clerk Claudia Coffin reported all the tax bills were mailed, but there was a problem and some bills were delivered later than others. Coffin received a phone call from the post office on Saturday morning, Aug. 21 that about 15 tax bills had no postage. “I told him I had some stamps and would be right down,” she said.

Selectmen set the mil rate at 17.45. Selectmen meet next at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 7 in the town hall.