letter to the editor

Discontinue fluoride

Mon, 12/13/2021 - 3:15pm

Dear Editor:

We are strongly in favor of discontinuing the 18-year-old practice of adding fluoride to our drinking water for the following reasons:

-While commonly available topical forms of fluoride are proven to be effective in reducing cavities, the risks of ingesting it in our water outweigh the benefits.

-High levels of fluoride have been linked to the fluorosis (mottling, staining, and pitting) now found in 41% of American kids aged 12-15, as well as weakened skeletons and increased bone fractures, bony growths, joint calcification, and kidney damage.

-Fluoride levels accrue cumulatively in our bodies throughout our lives.

-Human epidemiological studies have shown possible links between high levels of fluoride and learning, memory, and cognition deficits, including ADHD. 

-Fluoride is still listed by the FDA as an “unapproved new drug.”

-97% of the European population does not have fluoridated water, yet their rates of dental caries parallel ours.

-Our fluoride is imported from China. As with any imported additive, there always lies the risk of contamination with toxic chemicals, like arsenic. China itself discontinued fluoridation of its water due to negative health impacts in the 1980s.

We hope to see this important public health issue be put out for a vote on our towns’ May ballots. Thank you.

Eve Jamieson, Boothbay

Cindy Goodwin, Boothbay

Lorri Davis-Higgins, Boothbay

Mary Jo Poitras, Boothbay

Julie Barter, Boothbay

Denica Dimitrova, East Boothbay

Desiree Scorcia, Boothbay

Trish Hickey Monroe, Boothbay

Trevor Morin, Boothbay

Rachel Higgins, Boothbay

Pat Higgins, Boothbay

Amanda Andrews, Boothbay

Lorraine Melanson, Boothbay

Heather Lee Casey, Boothbay

Julie Roberts, Boothbay

Adam Sproul, Boothbay

Jamie Reed Smith, Boothbay

Clarence L. Campbell III, Boothbay

Rachael Townsend, Boothbay Harbor