DEYC haul out party ends season

Wed, 10/27/2021 - 2:00pm

Down East Yacht Club held its annual Haul Out Party at Blake’s Boat Yard in West Boothbay Harbor Sept. 11. In spite of the horrific memories from this indelible date in our national history, DEYC members gathered to bid farewell to the end of the 2020-2021 cruising season.

For many years now, owners Dusty and Amy Goodwin have generously made available the boat yard to the DEYC for this gathering. From 1600 to 1800 hours, more than 150 DEYC members delighted in each other camaraderie while enjoying the delicious smorgasbord of delights provided by Seacoast Catering, and the always generous and varied selections of beverages courtesy of the Woody Wagon.

We were excited to greet the new DEYC Bridge and club leaders for 2021-2022. Newly elected commodore, Jeanne Koenig, welcomed all the members who were present and thanked them for their contributions to the club. She recognized and thanked DEYC past commodores, including Bill George, Bob Wheeler, Win Russell Jr., Carly “Woody” Thompson, George Masters, Joe Blake, Sandy Young, Amy Goodwin, Matt Carlson, Susan Pope and Steve Arkley.

Jeanne also introduced the new Bridge: Vice Commodore Brent Pope, Rear Commodore Aaron Rugh and Treasurer Jack Brennan. The new DEYC members in 2021 who were present were Philip and Donna Doyen, Kristin and Dan King, Richard and Elizabeth Langton, George and Sharon Deyett, Dennis and Sharon Ring, Jen Ross and Steve Marin, and Andy Roberts. New administrative assistant is Kate Winslow, and the fleet captain for the 2022 Cruise is Kristin King. Kristin is relatively new to DEYC but very experienced in cruising the Maine coast. She has already initiated the planning and the selection of ports of call.

A very important announcement was the retirement of long-time admistrative assistant, Jane Mulholland, who was greeted to a standing ovation. Jane served DEYC for more than a decade.

The next scheduled social events are the fall/winter “off-season” parties in Maine. Members have already volunteered to host each of the months from October through April. The first gathering will be at the lovely home of Bill and Anne George on Maquoit Road in Brunswick. And it’s off to Florida and ports south for many DEYC members where they will enjoy their social parties in the warm winter sun!