Lincoln County commissioners

Developers considering Mason Station project

Wed, 07/19/2023 - 8:45am

    Two southern Maine renewable energy developers think Mason Station in Wiscasset is a great location for their next project. Ryan Gahagan of Treadwood, LLC of Portland and Aaron Svedlow of North Light Energy of Falmouth have a three-year option to purchase the last remaining Mason Station property not owned by the town. The two believe Mason Station represents an opportunity to transition from traditional energy generation to one based in the future

    “It’s an interesting opportunity to repurpose the property previously used for traditional energy generation into something that represents the new economy. Renewable energy with sustainable uses along with sustainable marine uses. It all represents a perfect project for Maine, and Mason Station is the perfect part of Maine,” Gahagan told county commissioners at their July 18 meeting. 

    Gahagan and Svedlow have several ideas for developing the property including using the facility as solar energy battery-storage and a marina. The two previously met with Wiscasset selectmen in an executive session discussing their interest in Mason Station. They are also planning to meet with Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission. “We came here today to say our hellos,” Gahagan said. “We are looking for input from the community. We are still in the conceptual stage with no firm plans. We are looking to develop something by working with the community. There is no sense presenting something that the community doesn’t want.”

    In other action, commissioners approved two requests from the sheriff’s department. Chief Deputy Rand Maker received approval to spend $4,316.66 on two radio repeaters. Maker reported the department is working toward equipping all 14 vehicles with repeaters by 2024. “This allows our 5-watt radios to have a 50-watt range,” he said. 

    Commissioners also authorized the department to seek a Fiscal Year 23 Department of Justice Byrne Grant. Maker told commissioners the department is seeking a $11,690 grant to equip local schools with a Knox box. Maker explained a Knox box provides first responders with immediate access via keys or scanning cards into secure buildings during a crisis. “Many schools already have a Knox box for local fire departments. Ours would be located in the back of the building. Of course, we need to work with our school partners, but this would provide quicker access without having to track down an administrator or fireman,” he said. 

    Commissioners appointed Deidre Dixon as 911 Addressing Officer for Louds Island. The unorganized territory has about 35 cottages and no year-round residents. Dixon will take required state training and input cottage locations into the emergency response system.

    Commissioners meet next at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 1 in the courthouse.