From the assistant editor

Dear Tom Brady

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 8:30am

I’m fairly confident you and your wonderful Patriots teammates will get us to another Super Bowl. It’s what you do.

Are your best playing days behind you?  Not necessarily. With the tolls the sport takes, and with new quarterbacks  each season working to be the next Tom Brady, you may or may not be on the other side of your career. But like some other top professionals in or on other fields, you are playing the long game.

Onto the bigger point, so you can get back to practicing your throw, no pressure. I’ve studied the national and regional reports of your attendance of last week's “Hamilton” performance in Boston. Two things:

First, great to hear of a fellow fan of musicals. Any well-executed play is good, but song and dance ramp up the entertainment value.

Second, about the tall winter hat you wore while seated inside: Nice for out and about in the snow, but a little tall for those behind you. The photos drew some comments to that effect on social media.

I failed to unearth if you removed the hat for the performance. Friday, I even forced myself to sit through a new seven-minute, sit-down Patriots All Access interview of you on YouTube because you had a tall winter hat on for it, indoors again, and a re-Tweet mentioned the hat from the theater photos.

The interview did not address the hat. I did learn, when fans in the stands spell goat, they mean greatest of all time.

I hope you took the hat off during "Hamilton." Being seated near New England royalty is fun, but a blocked or partly blocked view of the stage is frustrating.

Moreover, indoors, a man is, or at least was, supposed to take off his hat. 

Some traditions are best left in the past, but that one had staying power. Many young people break it. And I have wondered, do they just not know? Were they not taught? Or is it another trend of conscious disregard, like the backward baseball cap?

An endorsement deal, perhaps? If so, please consider decorum over dollars.

If someone has a medical or religious reason for keeping their hat on inside, or the occasion calls for fun hats like on New Year's Eve or birthdays or at political conventions, those are clear exceptions. Otherwise, please use your fame to set the good example of hat removal.

Good luck the rest of the season. Go New England.