Countdown to the BHYC Regatta and Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge

Community's history of this weekend's Regatta/Shipyard Cup

Thu, 07/22/2021 - 4:00pm

    "Hodgdon Yachts is very pleased to support the return of the Shipyard Cup newly configured as a classic yacht regatta under the umbrella of the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club,” says Tim Hodgdon, president of Hodgdon Yachts, which hosted the original Shipyard Cup Regatta and is a lead sponsor of new event. “Over the eleven years that the regatta was held it was recognized for its high-quality yacht racing in the scenic Boothbay region and was enjoyed by avid spectators on land and sea. The heritage of the area’s long standing shipbuilding tradition inspired the Shipyard Cup name and the introduction of a major classic yacht racing event to the area, is a perfect fit that we are very excited about.”

    Understanding the history of the Shipyard Cup and its contribution to sailing in Boothbay Harbor provides perspective on how this Superyacht Regatta has evolved into an integral part of the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club Regatta.

    A few historical highlights:

    The Shipyard Cup was a Superyacht regatta set in the Corinthian spirit and open to yachts over 70’ (21m). The event included a kick-off lobster bake, three days of racing, and cocktail parties.

    At the time it was one of only two Superyacht regattas held in the USA. Shipyard Cup began in 2002 and was held 11 times between then and 2014. The largest boat to participate in SYC was 55m Marie.

    Hodgdon Yachts started the Shipyard Cup (SYC) after Tim Hodgdon attended Les Voiles De Saint Tropez in 2001, sailing aboard the 124’ modern classic sloop Antonisa that Hodgdon Yachts launched in 1999. Antonisa was built by Hodgdon Yachts in East Boothbay and designed by renowned sailing superyacht designer Bruce King Yacht Design (BKYD) in Newcastle. There were two other boats at “Les Voiles” designed by BKYD that year too.

    Large sailboat racing is taken very seriously in South France and based on this experience; it was felt that Boothbay Harbor would be a tremendous venue for a similar event that could also boost the region.  The first event was organized by Hodgdon, Boothbay Region Boatyard, Jeff Lowell, Hodgdon Sales Director Ted Smith, Nat Wilson, and several others.

    The race committee’s goal was to bring a unique sailing regatta to the coast of Maine and an influx of people to the Boothbay region to enjoy something special on the water. It was successful in that regard.

    In planning the race courses, special consideration was given to the spectator fleet and shore side viewing so the competition could be visible in the region from boats or on shore. Over the 11 years, several impressive high profile sailing yachts came to the Boothbay region for some exciting sailboat racing. It was a grand spectacle of just watching them sail. The race established a solid reputation as a fun event for the big boat owners and sailors but became a logistics challenge to organize and difficult to attract these big boats to Maine late in the season.

    Although Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge is a different event than SYC was, it is very exciting to reestablish the name and see the 47th running of the BHYC regatta expand with Classic Yachts. The Race Committee and co-chairs, Ken Coburn, Bob Scribner, Jon Dunsford, Deanna Clarkson, Andy and Alice Mutch, Lee Krow, Jody Rosenbaum, and Lucy Scribner, along with over 50 volunteers from BHYC, have reinvigorated the name and added classic sailboats to further build upon the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club Regatta and sailing in Maine’s premier region.

    Hodgdon Yachts is a builder of yachts and specialized vessels. A family-run business that was founded in 1816 — reputedly the oldest continuously operating family boatbuilder in the United States. Hodgdon Yachts is noted for building superyachts, both sail and power, using advanced composite materials and construction techniques. It's also noted for its ability to incorporate those advanced materials into traditional designs that employ modern electronic and mechanical marine systems

    See you there! July 25, 10 a.m.: Inner harbor parade of BHYC Regatta Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge racing boats. Parade route is east side to west. Announcer will be at Whale Park, Coastal Prime, or on VHF channel 72.” For more information, contact Andy Mutch, 410-353-3861.