Letter to the Editor

Clean elections effort continues

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 10:45am

Dear Editor:

This past Wednesday, Jan. 20 saw a lot of activity in the Hall of Flags in Augusta. Not only were various lobby groups out in force to support women’s rights in Maine, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections was there to draw attention to the work that lies ahead to insure that the newly- strengthen law will be enforced.

“Already, Maine is seeing an increased number of candidates running in 2016 using Clean Elections,” said Ann Luther, a board member of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections. “According to recent filings, more than 60 percent of declared House candidates and 80 percent of declared Senate candidates are choosing to run using, strengthened Clean Elections system and free themselves to represent the people they are running to serve — not wealthy special interests, corporations and lobbyists.”

The press conference also served as an opportunity to send a clear message to some lawmakers who have been threatening to ignore the will of the voters and block implementation and funding of the new law. As Andrew Bossie, the executive director of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, told reporters, “Now it’s time for Maine’s elected leaders to listen and act by fully implementing and funding Clean Elections as the voters intended.”

Susan van Alsenoy