Class of 2024 celebrates Fishermen’s Festival Field Day

Sat, 06/01/2024 - 8:45am

    Boothbay Region High School (BRHS) Class of 2024 celebrated its upcoming graduation with a senior field day on Friday, May 31. Students began the morning with Grand March practice led by Dean of Students Allan Crocker, followed by fun and games in the gymnasium.

    “I cannot think of a more appropriate way to end the Days of May celebrations for the Class of 2024 than the Fishermen's Festival Field Day,” said Principal Dr. Tricia Campbell. “This is my favorite day of the year.”

    Tutu-adorned seniors divided by homeroom were led through games by emcee Coach Dennis Dacus. A classic and favorite  – the 2024 Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship tournament – has students advance or recede based on winning or losing two-person matchups of the well-known hand game. Finn Harkins won with 10 points, much to the chagrin of his fellow classmates.

    Laughter filled the gym as seniors played timed elimination games and Group Pictionary, which had the teams compete to draw from prompts such as Michael Jackson, shepherd’s pie and Mickey Mouse, with Dacus’ homeroom students winning. Seniors tie-dyed Class of 2024 T-shirts and ate pizza before taking to the outdoor games on Sherman Field.

    The tug-of-war event is far less about actual tug-of-war and far more about dousing one another with colorful chalk sprays. No one heard Dacus announce Christopher Liberti’s homeroom as the winner; rather, students prioritized the creation of a variegated patchwork atmosphere of chalk spray and colorful vapor.

    The rainbow-colored seniors concluded the day with the Fishermen’s Festival Cod Fish Relay. Three teams of students took turns donning fishing gear and holding a codfish in each hand as they ran around a baseball diamond. Finn Gaffney jumped out to an early lead for Team Brewer, Meg Sledge brought up the end for Team Dacus.

    “I am so grateful to all of the community businesses and individuals that have contributed and participated in the Days of May that have made the members of the Class of 2024 feel the love of the Boothbay region. This community has always loved the Fishermen’s Festival Field Day; sharing some of the fun traditions and activities in small ways, playing and enjoying time with each other as they begin to say goodbye to BRHS and graduate to their new adventures,” said Campbell.