From the editor

Cheers & Jeers

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 8:45am

Fourteen months ago, I had a column entitled Cheers & Jeers. I explained that Cheers & Jeers was a feature I remembered from the days of reading TV Guide. The magazine picked out the good and not so good things going on in the TV business. In that column, I picked out some of the local news of that week and offered my cheers and jeers.

So, without much else to write about this week, here I go again.

First, the cheers.

– Congratulations to Don and Liana Kingsbury for another successful Mutt Scrub. The fundraising effort topped last year's total and by the look of the dog owners' faces, everyone seemed to have a good time. If you haven't already, take a look at the online story.

– Congratulations to Jake Hodgdon, Shelby Pinkham and their son and kudos to Habitat for Humanity/7 Rivers Maine for breaking ground on Habitat's planned affordable housing in Boothbay Harbor for Jake, Shelby and their son. Hopefully more such housing is in the future in the Boothbay region.

– Congratulations and good luck to Ed Colburn for opening Wiscasset’s Water Street Kitchen & Bar in the former Le Garage restaurant. As was stated in the article, longtime Le Garage owner Cheryl Rust was on hand for the grand opening ceremony and she, like us, are excited to see a "new chapter" for the old building.

--And congratulations to Linekin Bay Resort, which celebrated its 100th anniversary over the weekend. Lots of fun was planned and had, and it was all topped off with fireworks over the bay.

Now a couple of jeers.

--To the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for trying to force new federal regulations designed to protect the endangered Atlantic right whale on Maine's lobster industry. Hopefully people at NOAA will listen to Gov. Janet Mills who called the regulations "absurd federal overreach."

--Though not in the news this week, please stop littering. Riding through the region, I've seen a lot of roadside litter of late. One positive on the topic, however. A pickup operator traveling down Back Narrows Road in front of me this week did stop and pick up some cardboard that had flown out of the back of the truck.