Boothbay Region Garden Club annual Home and Garden Tour

Home #2: Umami Point – Spectacular Garden in East Boothbay
Tue, 06/06/2023 - 8:30am

    The flower beds at this beautiful home offer evolving interest and beauty throughout the seasons. The gardens at Umami Point were designed by Lesley Paxton whose tender loving care keeps the gardens breathtakingly beautiful throughout the season. She pays particular atten­tion to creating the cutting gardens so that the owners can enjoy profuse blooms all summer long both inside and out. The property is located on the Linekin Bay coast­line which provides ever changing views of our beautiful Maine wildlife.

    The annual Home and Garden tour is a highlight of the summer season in the Boothbay Harbor area and a great way to gain an insider’s view of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

    This year’s tour on July 21 features five spectacular and fascinating homes and their surrounding gardens; and one beautiful garden. On the tour are architecturally significant homes with incredible views on Linekin Bay, the Damariscotta River and Southport’s Pratt Island, a charming cottage in Sprucewold and an 1840 Greek Cape Revival in Boothbay Harbor.

    The mission of the club is to promote interest in the art and practice of gardening, education, and beautifi­cation of the Boothbay Region. We provide public buildings with window boxes, wreaths and plants and main­tain many public gardens in the area. Scholarships are provided for YMCA camperships and to college students who want to further their education in environmental studies. This Home and Garden Tour helps support and fund our community objectives.

    Transportation will be provided on air-conditioned buses to each location on the tour.

    Advance tickets are available for $35 at the Boothbay Harbor Chamber of Commerce located at 192 Townsend Avenue. The Chamber’s phone number is 207-633-2353.

    For additional information, visit or call Home and Garden Tour Co-Chair Julie Krug at 704-564-9403.