Boothbay Harbor police make 4 OUI arrests

Fri, 09/18/2020 - 7:45am

    Boothbay Harbor Police Department made five arrests between Aug. 16 and Sept. 16.

    On Aug. 16, Officer Brian Barter arrested Heather Munroe, 53, of Rye, New Hampshire for operating under the influence. Barter made a second arrest later that day. He arrested Brandi Foreman, 49, of North Hampton, Massachusetts for operating under the influence. 

    On Aug. 22, Sgt. Patrick Higgins arrested Barbara Cary, 62, of Boothbay Harbor for operating under the influence.

    On Sept. 1, Officer Doug Snyder arrested Daniel Boyle, 26, of Boothbay Harbor for operating under the influence.

    On Sept. 10, Officer John Braley arrested Molly Bither, 42, of Winthrop for domestic violence assault. 

    The department responded to 423 emergency calls, including: 911 check, 39; animal complaint, two; alarm, burglar, eight; assault, one; assist citizen, 20; assist other agency, two;  attempt to locate, one; compliance check on inmate, three; property check, 60; civil complaint, one;  community policing, 10; domestic disturbance, three;  erratic operations, seven; escort/transport, 23; fire alarm, three;  fire, other, one; fighting (non-domestic) one; harassment, two; loud noise, eight; liquor law violation, three; medical emergency, 48; medical alarm, eight; med take back, eight; mental health issue, nine; motor vehicle accident, 11; motor vehicle stop, 53; parking problem, four; pedestrian check, two; police information, 18; found/lost property, 10; service, one; sex offenses, one; auto theft, one; suicide/suicidal, one; suspicious activity, six; traffic hazard, four; theft, fraud, forgery, nine; threatening, one; traffic control, 17; trespassing, one; unwanted subject, one; and welfare check, 17.