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Fri, 08/20/2021 - 10:00am

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    Summer reading. There’s something about that phrase that immediately moves the corners of your mouth into the beginnings of a smile. Fond memories of reading in a favorite beach chair, maybe at Reid State Park, Popham, Pemaquid, Thomas Point; or maybe closer to home here on the peninsula at Dog Fish Head beach on Southport Island, Barrett’s Park, or Grimes Cove at Ocean Point.

    We may be approaching the end of August, but there is still a lot of beach time and plenty of reading time! Top page turners this summer, according to librarian Jen Britton at Southport Memorial Library, include “Dead By Dawn,” written by retired Maine game warden Paul Doiron who has visited there, and other local libraries, for one of the book talks.

    Intrigue and thrillers include Jennifer Weiner’s “That Summer,” Amazon synopsis: “ ... a twisty novel of intrigue and secrets, set on beautiful Cape Cod.” And, the NYT says Weiner is the “undisputed boss of the beach read.” Historical fiction fans have read “Eternal,” Lisa Scottoline’s novel set in Rome.

    As I went over Jen’s list, Paul Doiron was the only Maine author on the list ... and that got me to thinking about Books in Boothbay, the celebration of Maine authors. It is coming right up on Sept. 11 at Railway Village Museum – and many are in the Boothbay Region!

    Local authors with debut novels: Hilary Bartlett will be there signing copies of her first novel, “The Thistle Inn: A Wee Bit of Scotland in Maine;” The Reverend Peter Ilgenfritz, interim pastor over at the Congo Church here in the Harbor, will be at the event with “Testing the Wind,” based on adventures had while he was learning to sail. Southport resident Gerry Hawes, who’s also had author talks at Southport library, will be there with “The Albatross.” East Boothbay summer resident Len Mattano’s debut novel is entitled “Celtic Crossing.”

    Cheryl Blaydon of East Boothbay will be promoting her fifth novel, “Dancing At the Colony,” and fellow local veteran of prose Boothbay Harbor author Barbara Ross is back with the ninth book in her Maine Clambake Series, called “Shucked Apart.” OK, I know Barbara doesn’t live here anymore, but she did. Same for Boothbay native Lara Tupper – author, songstress, teacher – will be back in town promoting her latest, a collection of short stories, “Amphibians.”

    I have read, and thoroughly enjoyed,  Lara’s two novels, “A Thousand and One Nights” and “Off Island.” I’m looking forward to buying “Amphibians” while I’m at the event. And I loved Hilary’s read about the Thistle. Hilary is also doing some research for her second book. Ask her about it.

    From Westport Island, Sandra Neily will be waiting for you with her latest, the second in her A Mystery In Maine Series, “Deadly Turn.” A complete list of the Maine authors coming to Books In Boothbay can be found in a press release in this week’s edition of the Arts section of the Boothbay Register/Wiscasset Newspaper at https://booksinboothbay.blogspot.com

    For authors with multiple books out there, you might want to go to the Southport library, Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library, or Wiscasset Public Library and check one or two out. Might be a good idea before heading to the event. That way you’ll know which books you want to buy – and have signed – at Books In Boothbay!

    And another great thing about Books In Boothbay? You can talk to your fave authors about their books, share what you love about their work, and be with other readers who’re always eager to talk about what they’re reading now.

    You might want to pick up some new reads for your kids, grandkids, a friend’s kids ... If we can get the young ones hooked on reading they will never be bored. Well, almost never ... Children’s book authors include middle school fantasy writer Ellen Booraem who will no doubt be there with her latest, “River Magic.” Wrote Kirkus Reviews of the book: “A carefully constructed interweaving of reality and magic that will transport and delight.”

    Fran Hodgkins, well known for “Andre The Famous Harbor Seal” will be there with a collection of her works. She’s written 24 for youth! Jean Flahive’s latest, “Teddy Roosevelt, Millie and the Elegant Ride” will be at her table. This book garnered three awards: Gold winner of the 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Award, Bronze winner of the 2020 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, and Silver winner of the 2019 eLit Award.

    In fact, most all of these incredible authors have won awards for one or more of their books. Check out their websites.

    I’m looking forward to meeting Mary Lawrence who writes the Bianca Goddard Mysteries. This Bianca is the daughter of an infamous alchemist which automatically raises an eyebrow from me. Those of you who know me get why the alchemy angle got my attention! And there’s more: This series is set in the Tudor period of Britain’s history, which is one of my favorites. Specifically during the final years of the infamous King Henry VIII. She will be promoting her fifth book in the series, “The Lost Boys of London.” I love this line from a review by Rosepoint Publishing on the author’s website: “The author has the Tudor language down to a gnat’s eyeball.” Gotta love it. I’m sold!

    Of course, once we get our new reads it’ll be time to travel to new places, meet new people, share in their adventures ... on the beach, in the backyard, on the deck, and our favorite reading chairs – or chaise in my case ...

    For complete, up-to-date info, visit Books In Boothbay on Facebook and at the blogspot site mentioned earlier. Got bookmarks?