Author Steve Burt brings gargoyles to southern Maine

This Maine author is a former Edgecomb pastor
Thu, 05/30/2019 - 7:00am

Wells-based novelist Steve Burt, who pastored the Edgecomb Congregational Church 1998-99, is at it again — getting young adults and adults alike to not only accept the unbelievable, but to love it.

It started with his FreeKs trilogy—“FreeK Camp,”  “FreeK Show,”  and “FreeK Week” - which won 24 awards. The thrillers bring 11 "different" teens to the Bridgton/Sebago Lake area to a "special" camp that will help them develop their psychic and paranormal abilities in a safe setting: Atlanta levitates. Charlie has precognitive dreams. Caroline communicates with earthbound spirits who need her help. Harley travels out-of-body by astral projection. Together with their friends and an odd trio of mentors, three former circus sideshow performers, they develop their gifts, unravel mysteries, and confront villains. Maine's western mountains and lakes have never been so much fun.

Now Dr. Burt brings us “The Bookseller's Daughter,” a mystery/thriller about Keegan, a 17-year-old who works at Annie's Book Stop in Wells. After the theft of a rare Wells-related Civil War memoir from another local bookstore, Keegan is approached by a hooded figure seeking her help locating a graveyard. (Fact: tiny 7 x 8 mile Wells really does boast an amazing 201 cemeteries.) The visitor is after the forgotten 202nd, which may contain the remains of a gargoyle. The quest the two unlikely partners embark on will stretch from Wells to Kennebunk, back down to York and out to Alfred. And it will date back to the Civil War and World War 1. It's a risky partnership that could cost Keegan not only her own life but the lives of her mother and her best friend.

The author's books can be found locally and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million.

Dr. Steve Burt is usually at his book table at the Kennebunk Artisans Marketplace in the Waterhouse Pavilion on Main Street on Saturday mornings, and at various Wells, York, Kennebunk, and Alfred craft fairs. He will be signing at Books in Boothbay, Maine's largest gathering of authors, on July 27 at Boothbay Railway Village.

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