April property transfers

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 2:00pm

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in April:


Trask, Coleen D. to Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum and Farmington & Wiscasset Waterville Railway Museum; Wood, William to Wood, William N. and Hughes, Deborah.


Norton, James H. Jr. to Norton, James H. Jr. and Norton, Susan G.;  Tindal, Jonathan Brackett to Lindsay Melody Rose Tr, Melody Rose Lindsay Trust and Lindsay Melody Rose Trust; Larson, Scott R. Tr, Larson, Anne C. Tr, Scott R. Larson Living Trust, Larson, Scott R. Living Trust, Anne C. Larson Living Trust and Larson, Anne C. Living Trust to Weeks, Leonard P., Weeks, Susan W. and Weeks, Jarad N.; Gudroe, Sarah K. to Gudroe, Michael R.; Pinkham, Gary H. and Pinkham, Victoria to Pinkham, Gary H. II, Pinkham, Victoria and Pinkham, Gary H.; Ross, Jennifer Davis to Davis Family Trust and Ross, Jennifer Davis Tr; Renzi, Mary Ann to Howarth, David; Mank, Frances and Connors, Frances J. to Farrin, Patrick A.;  Mill, Douglas E. and Mill, Susan K. to Mill, Douglas E. Tr, Mill, Susan K. Tr and Mill Family Trust; Holmes, Torrey W. to Kellogg, Richard G.; Knowlton, G. Larry to Knowlton, Nicholas J. Tr and Lahaina Irrevocable Trust; Guillard, Ruth F. to Matari, Sloiman and Matari, Soraia; Hodgdon, Libby L. and Hodgdon, Libby to Olson, Dennis C.

Boothbay Harbor:

Coniff, Mary Beth and Coniff, Marybeth Reed to High Ledge LLC; Kilgore, Roger V. Tr, Roger V. Kilgore Living Trust and Kilgore, Roger V. Living Trust to Kilgore, Roger V. and Kilgore, Margarete R.; Riley, Edward D. to Johnson, Ronald S. and Rowbotham, June E.; Everingham, Ann E. to Everingham, Bryan E. Tr and 5 Waters Edge Trail Trust; Gamage, Gerald W. and Gamage, Valarie A. to Marden Builders Inc.; Elizarkov, Andrei and Elizarkov, Larissa to Ferrell, Roger and Ferrell, Caroline; Carver, Dolores M. P R and Warren, Harold D. Est. to Carver, Dolores M.; Fleming, Louis Brown Jr., Kowalski, Mary Fleming and Fleming, Sarah Tarr to Juniper Ledges Cottage LLC; Crawford, Johanna S. to Gray, Ari S. and Gray, Suzanne; Beal, Ted M. and Beal, Karen L. to Beal, Karen L. Tr., Karen L. Beal Revocable Inter Vivos Trust and Beal, Karen L. Revocable Inter Vivos Trust; Norred, Michael L. to Norred, Michael L. and Norred, Virginia M.; Carver, Dolores M. P R, Warren Harold G. Est and Warren, Harold G. Jr Est. to Carver, Dolores M.; Reiser, Robert E. Jr. and Reiser, Margaret C. to Searose LLC; Machon, Ira W. and Machon, Ira Wayne to Machon, Ira W. and Machon, Constance W.; Benner, Paula J. to McDonald, Joanne and McDonald, Jo Anne.


Girardin, Mary P. Est., Girardin, Philip J. Jr. P R, Girardin, Philip J. Jr. Tr, Philip J. Girardin Jr. Revocable Trust and Girardin, Philip J. Jr. Revocable Trust to Nad LLC; Perkins, Russell A. to Mullen, John D. Tr, John D Mullen Living Trust and Mullen, John D. Living Trust; Orr, Sigrid Nielsen to Nielsen, Erik; Wotkyns, Edward S. and Wotkyns, Edward S. II to Deboer, Robert and Deboer, Grace.


Water's Edge Events LLC to Water's Edge Development LLC; Willauer, Charles S. Tr, Willauer, Gale C. Tr, Gale C. Willauer Trust of 2009 and Willauer, Gale C. Trust of 2009 to Wylie, Pamela Duncan and Pantos, John Kirk.


Gibson, Jeanne T. P R and Gibson, Edgar T. Est to Cahill, Walter P. III and Cahill, Jennifer E.; Nassif, Gail M. Tr, Nassif, Gail M. Trust and Gail M. Nassif Trust to Driscoll, Brian F. and Driscoll, Katherine T.; Cadman, Susan and Fahrbach, Susan to Cadman, Matthew J. and Cadman, Susan; Wicker, Jonathan C. to Wicker, Linda R.; O'Brien, Kevin J. and O'Brien, Susan to O'Brien, Heather and O'Brien Kate; Citibank N A Tr, U S Bank National Association Tr, Mastr Asset Securitization Trust 2006-1, Merolla, Todd Park, Merolla, Todd and Krulis, Joseph J to Citibank N A Tr, U S Bank National Association Tr and Mastr Asset Securitization Trust 2006-1; Ickes, Paul C. and Ickes, Cathy E. to Ickes, Paul C. Tr, Paul C. Ickes Restatement Of Trust Agreement and Ickes, Paul C. Restatement Of Trust Agreement; Maguire, Adam P. and Maguire, Jennifer S. to Laborde, Sylvie D. and Gilligan, Gerard A. 

Westport Island:

Brown, Jennifer L. S P R, Brown, Dorothy Swanton Est. and Brown, Dorothy S. Est. to Molina, Jose Fernanco Jr., Molina, Corazon P. Narciso and Narciso, Molina Corazon P.; Molina, Jose Fernando Jr., Narciso, Molina Corazon P. and Molina, Corazon P. Narciso to Molina, Jose F. Jr. Tr, Corazon P. Narciso Molina Trust, Narciso, Molina Corazon P. Trust, Molina, Corazon P. Narciso Tr, Narciso, Molina Corazon P. Tr, Jose F. Molina Jr. Trust and Molina, Jose F. Jr. Trust; Quirion, Jesse A. Jr. to Quirion, Jesse A. Sr.; Joyce, Paul M. and Joyce, Karen B. to Dubois, Linda C.; Mangan, Bonnie C. Tr, Vigneault, Linwood Carlton and United States Bankruptcy Court to Bussiere, Leonard; Lilly, Leslie B. to Wollins, David Hart Sr., Wollins, David Hart Jr. and Wollins, Alexandria Bjerg Lilly.


Adams Pond Enterprises LLC to Jamieson, Eve A.; Jones, Donald L. P R, Jones, Dale L. P R, Jones, George Allan Est. and Jones, Dawn L. P R to Bogan, John R. III and Bogan, Claire L. Jaques; Wiscasset Inhab of to Connors, Scott; Wiscasset Inhab of to Rines, Gilbert H.; Wiscasset Inhab of to Wade, Joseph; Wiscasset Inhab of to Jones, Carroll M.; Wiscasset Inhab of to Patterson, Sam; Plante, Allison M. and Dorsey, Allison M. to Whalon, Sandra and Aloisio, Richard Raymond; Sonia, Christine C. to Sonia, Christine C., Sonia, Franz Anne Marie and Franz Anne Marie Sonia; Carver, Dolores M. P R and Warren, Harold D. Est to Carver, Dolores M.; Pinkham, Albert Jr. to Ishak, Grace and Ishak, Paul; Pinkham, Starr to Ishak, Paul and Ishak, Grace; Alexander, Scott J. to Sherman, Norman P. and Needham, Beverly M.; Dilts, Christopher K. and Dilts, Cheryl T. to Wendorf, Kira A.; Bunin, Stevenson Catherine A. and Stevenson, Catherine A. Bunin to Lincoln County Dental Inc.; Carver, Dolores M. P R, Warren, Harold G. Est. and Warren, Harold G. Jr. Est. to Carver, Dolores M.; Diperri, Charles J. Jr. and Diperri, Charles P. Jr. to Diperri, Charles J. Jr. and Diperri, Georgeann R.; Taylor, Deborah M. to Taylor, Deborah M. and Taylor, David A.; Saunders, Gordon N. and Saunders, Janice B. to Bailey, William H. and Bailey, Gloria J.