From the editor

Acts of caring

Wed, 01/06/2021 - 8:45am

Reviewing this week’s issue and adding a couple of personal experiences, it is evident that people care – care about people, animals and other things.

Starting with the front page, resident George Friant and Marine Mammals of Maine showed their concern for the mammal swimming in circles in Mill Cove, Boothbay Harbor.

Page 2 is the story of Konstantina Rigas and the good deed she did on Christmas Eve – delivering food, along with a cupcake and balloon, to an elderly woman celebrating her birthday – the food was ordered, the cupcake and balloon were “Dina’s” idea.

On page 3, there’s a story about East Boothbay resident Tina Roche and her history of rescuing dogs.

Skip to page 5 and you’ll see the story about Mammy’s Bakery owner Jessica Deshiro’s kind acts of donating food to organizations and individuals during the pandemic – and before.

On page 8 of the second section is a story about a Whitefield couple donating a conservation easement on 16 acres to Midcoast Conservancy. While reading the paper, look for the photo and cutline about Nathan’s Pharmacy collecting donated food and other items for animals.

Also this week, my brother, Bruce, supplied the newspaper with stunning photos of the snowy owl at Ocean Point; China By The Sea employee Jasmine Page took the time to message me on Facebook to let me know that I left my wallet at the restaurant when I went to pick up my food; and I did a good deed – our granddaughters love a chicken stew that my wife makes so I surprised them with a serving.

There are probably other stories of human kindness we haven’t heard about but we would like to share them if you let us know. We aren’t getting out and about as often as we did before the pandemic, so send me or my assistant editor Susan Johns an email and we will try to get to your story.