2023 BRHS Teacher Awards presented

Thu, 05/25/2023 - 7:30am

Teachers at Boothbay Region High School honored students in a casual and relaxed awards ceremony Wednesday, May 24 in the high school gymnasium. Educators shared stories of students’ dedication, hard work, character and achievement. Some stories were comical and chummy, others were inspirational, and all were sincere.

“This is a more intimate setting for teachers to recognize students’ hard work. We don’t invite parents, it’s not broadcast. It’s an opportunity for teachers to connect with students they want to recognize,” said Principal Tricia Campbell. “Not to be confused with academic and scholarship awards which occur later.”

Nearly 60 awards were presented to students, across school departments including math, science, art, music, physical education, history, psychology, STEAM, English and foreign language. Teachers spoke of their differing criteria for each award. Grade point average, dedication, long hours, going above and beyond and strong work ethics were cited often. Skills in collaboration, group leadership, volunteerism and readiness to help others were also rewarded.

Outgoing biology teacher Sherrie Hersom was recognized by colleague and social studies teacher Normand L’Heureux, earning a standing ovation. He spoke of her collegiality, dedication to her students, and willingness to mentor.

In closing remarks, Campbell reiterated, “We’re incredibly proud of all of you and the work you’ve done this year.”