• Little Village Bistro opening soon

    Tony Bickford, formerly the chef at the Thistle Inn in Boothbay Harbor, is opening his own restaurant in Wiscasset.

    Bickford, who is from Wiscasset, said having his own place has been a longtime dream.

    “This will be my first restaurant,” he said. “I started when I was 16 at Karen's Kitchen. I was the breakfast cook there.”

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  • Boothbay Harbor library hosts D. Allan Kerr April 10

    D. Allan Kerr

    D. Allan Kerr's own stint in the U.S. Navy was highlighted by four years of sea duty aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Guam (LPH 9), which participated in the invasion of Grenada and two tours off the coast of Beirut.

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  • A Bird’s Tale

    A surf on purple

    No one familiar with the famous story of the unfortunate sailors who were shipwrecked on Boon Island in December 1710 and fought to survive for weeks, with no fire, on the frigid, rocky, wave-smashed ledges would consider volunteering to repeat their ordeal. No human at least.

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  • Southport Scouts go dog sledding

    Southport Island's Boy Scout Troop 238 went dog sledding at Heywood Kennels in Augusta on Saturday, March 21. Owners and Maine Guides Lindy Howe and Kevin Quist taught the troop about sled dogs and their care; took them on a dog sled ride through large fields; and taught the Scouts how to make meal packs in tin foil with chicken, potatoes and carrots, and then cook them over hot coals.

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  • Sen. Susan M. Collins

    Beware of tax scams

    With the tax filing season upon us, criminals posing as IRS officials are increasing their attempts to defraud taxpayers, with seniors as a particular target. It is my hope that this column will provide seniors, as well as their families and caregivers, the information they need to avoid becoming a victim of these cruel scams.

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  • Girl Scout cookie sale ends April 4

    Girl Scouts of Maine's annual Cookie Sale is in full swing! Booth sales will continue at business locations throughout the state. The cookie sale will end April 4.   

    Selling cookies teaches girls goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics — aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to life.

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  • Boothbay selectmen tentatively approve electrician’s bid

    The Boothbay selectmen tentatively approved a local electrician’s bid on March 25 to install energy efficient lighting for the East Boothbay Fire Station. The board unanimously accepted Northern Lights Electric of Boothbay’s bid to replace the station’s compact fluorescent lamp bulbs. Electrical contractor Gary Arsenault submitted a $1,550 bid for labor and materials.

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  • Grow It In Maine

    The magic of lavender

    Charlotte displayed some fluffy sprigs of lavender on her winter porch. She wants to keep them growing.

    This delightful herb is found in garden beds as part of a collection of useful plants. It is also grown among perennial flowers, in full sunlight. Sometimes, lavender bushes are trained into a low hedge, maybe bordering a path.

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  • ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ singalong fundraiser

    What better way to celebrate spring after a monster winter than to sing the praises of a fast-growing, human-eating plant.

    Join your Lincoln Arts Festival hosts as we all sing-along to “Suddenly Seymour,” “Dentist” “Skid Row,” and all of the other now classic songs from the “Little Shop of Horrors.”

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  • BRHS senior needs help to win Hood Scholarship

    Boothbay Region High School Senior Kyle Alamo is going for the Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship, which would award him $5,000 toward his college education.

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  • Residents skip comp plan’s public workshop

    The Boothbay Comprehensive Planning Committee is taking a different approach than its predecessors did a quarter century ago. In 1989, the comprehensive planning committee wanted to curb hotel growth and overcrowding during the summer. The committee crafted a comprehensive plan that reined in uncontrolled growth to appease residents’ concern.

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  • Discussion and play at Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library

    The Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library will present a day of reflection devoted to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz with a book discussion and play. These two events will be held on Wednesday, April 8 in the library’s upstairs conference room and in the main room.

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  • A new program for seniors to launch in May


    Boothbay Region Health & Wellness Foundation President Patty Seybold recently announced the launch of a new service on the Boothbay peninsula, called the “Awesome Seniors Program.”

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  • New telephone scam in Maine

    AARP Maine received information today from the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce concerning fraudulent telephone calls being made to residents from callers claiming to be from a company called MCI-ITS S-Telesy. The caller ID phone number is 213-337-0014. The caller asks for computer passwords and personal information due to a virus they claim to be monitoring.

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  • Boothbay Region High School

    Students plan second trip to Germany

    Dan Drummond will experience “a once in a lifetime experience” for a second time next spring. The Boothbay Region High School junior will travel to Germany in April 2016 as part of a cultural exchange program.

    Drummond and classmate, Abel Bryer, toured Germany last year as part of the German American Partnership Program. The high school has participated in GAPP since 1989.

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