Boat House Bistro


 Join us for a refreshing alternative to typical coastal fare.

Our extensive and very affordable menu offers the best in Tapas style dining, Internationally inspired entree's, and classic Maine dishes.

We invite you to come in and relax in our casual, unhurried atmosphere.

Enjoy the view of the harbor from our rooftop deck.

Share some wine or a refreshing glass of Sangria & experience Tapas dining Boothbay Harbor style.

About Us

     The Boat House Bistro is an independent friends and family owned restaurant at the core of which are two couples: Mark and Karin Guerin, and Ralph and Elena Smith. These four restaurant industry "musketeers" met at Spruce Point Inn, right here in Boothbay Harbor, Maine back in 1999 and have been inseparable ever since. Coming from New Hampshire, Austria, Delaware, and Russia respectively, the four adventurous, food and fun loving souls, after years of searching, learning, and growing finally worked their way up to what they had always been dreaming of – a restaurant to call their own. The Boat House Bistro is the place where knowledge, experience, and passion come together. Mark's expertise in wines, Karin's European chef training, Ralph's business ingenuity, and Elena's genuine hospitality are the pieces of the puzzle which when put together create a restaurant where good food and fine wines are enjoyed in the company of true friends. Day in and day out, Mark, Karin, Ralph, and Elena work side by side with the rest of the members of their big restaurant family: Tricia and Brian, Emily and Jay, Alka and Timmy, Nikki and Gleb, Miriam, Cookie, and Lauren, people without whose dedication and hard work the Boat House Bistro success would have stayed nothing but a dream. Summer time foreign exchange students are a big part of what the Boat House Bistro is as well! Bringing fresh perspectives and new languages into the fun filled Boothbay summer mix, the exchange students are much missed when they have to return to their countries and academics in the beginning of each fall. The cultural exchange programs benefit all: we get to experience the lovely young people from around the world and the world gets to learn how fun and dynamic life in the US is and what our Boat House Bistro interpretation of the American Dream looks like!