Bayville Buzz

Tue, 09/20/2022 - 11:45am

    Did he or didn't he? That is the question everyone asks when they first receive their Boothbay Register. Will they find a Bayville Buzz or not? Last week the answer was no, so my apologies to the multitudes (well, at least my dad) who searched and searched and were let down. Of course, there is an easy solution; send me your news! 

    Pam and Ham have taken Frances out of the water and the final tally of propellers is only three. Quite impressive when one considers how their first season of boating began.

    The Spencers’ boat decided to explore Linekin Bay on its own by cleverly cutting its mooring line. Due to a miscalculation of the tides, its journey only made it as far as Tallwood. The damage is minimal and it seems appropriate that the boat may be renamed On The Rocks.

    A large contingent of Bayvillians were in Portland for the outdoor Brandi Carlisle show and all - even the one who got COVID - had fun. There were no illnesses reported from the full moon paddle or the dinner party hosted on the Mary Alice.

    The Hultins have been busy for a number of reasons. First there is daughter Elsa's upcoming nuptials. Bayville will be the home base for the bachelorette party so extra noise patrols will be deployed in the Village. Boothbay Harbor is also on high alert as most activities will be happening there. Son Chip is visiting from Reno for a month and is working remotely as he enjoys all the festivities and the waterfront life. Thomas has again been showing off his mixology skills as he has been handing out the queen's (Queen Elizabeth II, not Linda's) favorite libations.

    Despite all they have going on, Linda and Thomas were seen helping with the "improvements" to the beloved Community House. Mark Spencer and myself are also guilty. Phil Robitialle was an innocent bystander who was nice enough to join in at the last minute and was sucked into - I mean graciously accepted - the hardest job. The great news is that the new (matching!) roofs are on the Post Office and Community House and all reports are extremely positive. Chuck House and his crew made quick work of it all. The final tally on skylights ended up being what was there (five), but now they open and should make any gatherings more comfortable - especially for those seated in the sun zone.

    The initial attempt to paint the Community House to tie in with the Post Office was not the success that was hoped for, but it is still a work in progress. All opinions are of course welcome, though whether they are listened to by anyone in the new regime is highly suspect. 

    The kids are back in school (though a few are still in Bayville attending school remotely) so the speed bumps have been put to rest until next June by the highway crew of Team Phil (Roberts and Robitialle). Please continue to be on the lookout for pedestrians as none of us can move as quickly as we used to.  

    There will be an end of year get together for the community so get ready to close out another great season in style. Ask the usual suspects for more info and send your stories to