letter to the editor

School budget vote June 11 for more financial sustainability

Mon, 05/27/2024 - 2:15pm

Dear Editor:

Boothbay taxpayers will see a rise of 19.97% in their school-related taxes (on top of their 17.43% increase last year) because of the proposed budget. The total assessment for both towns is $10,575,485. We currently have 380 local students in our two schools.

Every student is important. Our teachers are important. But are these numbers financially sustainable at this rate of increase?

A no vote doesn’t mean you are anti-school or anti-education. It is simply a request to send the budget back for a more thorough review by local school officials to find additional tax savings. This annual budget does not include the $45+ million (principal & interest) from the recent addition/renovation bond.

One helpful suggestion based on recent developments:

Now that we have a newly vacant assistant principal position at BRES, it would seem logical to ask if that full-time position is necessary given our limited number of students. Eliminating or reducing it now could mean up to $125,000 in cost savings next year and every year thereafter.

Potentially, there may be other overlooked opportunities as well. All options and possibilities should be on the table for further consideration.

If left unchecked, operating budgets alone will likely cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars just over the next decade or two.

Please vote at your town office before this historically rare budget validation referendum concludes June 11.

Tom Perkins

Boothbay Harbor