Maine Boatbuilders Show to return in 2021

On the Portland waterfront July 23-25
Fri, 01/15/2021 - 1:45pm

    We like boats more than we have good sense and want everyone to share that passion. Every March at the equinox, since 1987, the Maine Boatbuilders Show has been on the minds and calendars of the marine industry in New England.

    Portland Yacht Services opened its doors to those who found the art and craft of messing around in boats a consuming passion. We have been tangled up by moving and didn't have the facility to host the Show in Portland. We have built a beautiful new campus. The “pandemic pause” has ruled out the March 2021 date, but has offered the opportunity to bring the show back home this summer without giving up the March 2022 date at the Portland Sports Complex.

    The same only different, we have always wanted to celebrate with an “on land and in the water” event. This desire spawned the Small Craft Celebration, which included the opportunity for builders to demonstrate boats for clubs to give sailing demonstrations, rowing races all visible from our seawall. Instead of two events, we will combine elements of both in July 2021.

    To ensure that there are a significant number of exhibitors, any exhibitor that paid a deposit for the 2020 Maine Boatbuilders Show will have the space they signed up for applied to the new 2021 event date. To assist with the advertising of the new venue date we will need you to fill out the enclosed contract and describe what you will be bringing or exhibiting.
    The date we have chosen for the show is the weekend of July 23, after our launching period when our space and resources are available. We have considered the established summer events up and down the coast. The timing fits into our interest to support and attend these events. There is a glimmer of hope that the spirit of celebration will spawn other Portland events, and the significance will grow.

    We will have boats in the water and on the land. Some of our storage buildings will be available for displays. We want to focus on the next generation - 35% of the families in Maine have a registered boat. The next generation of our industry has grown up on the water. They will make career choices and there is an exciting and enjoyable career available in the ocean economy.

    Because passion attracts passion and the quality of the exhibitors is so high, our shows have been a meeting place of highly knowledgeable attendees. We will continue to foster the younger generation's passion, as they grow up before our eyes, by offering clear career paths and encouragement to sharp youngsters developing their brains and hand-eye skills. We hope to have some of the most genius boats to the simple rowing/sailing punts.

    As long as one can row (well, boat) from Christmas Cove to East Boothbay faster than one can drive a car, the marine industry will be well represented and provide a very safe career opportunity for the next generations. Please take a look at your calendar, and sign up for the Maine Boatbuilders Show 2021.