District nurse continues home visits during COVID-19 outbreak

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 2:30pm

    Lauri Andrews has been the Boothbay Region District Nurse for nearly six years and Holly Stover stated what many people would say, “We are so blessed Lauri is our district nurse. Many of our neighbors rely on her and on her home nursing visits.”

    Lauri makes an average of 160 home visits each month. She serves residents of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport. Sometime this fall, we will celebrate her 10,000th home visit as district nurse. A truly outstanding accomplishment marking her level of service to the communities. The COVID-19 outbreak has modified precautions and procedures for home visits, but the outbreak and distancing have also made these home visits even more critical, especially for vulnerable seniors living alone.

    The Boothbay Region District Nursing Association was founded in January 1952. Our mission is to provide RN support to residents allowing them to safely remain in their homes and age in place. The nurse works with the patient’s primary care physician to determine patient needs and a plan of care. Some needs do not meet the skilled care criteria for insurance coverage, yet the physician recognizes additional help is necessary for the patient to remain independent. Patients have complex cognitive, medical, and situational needs that require the skill of an RN to access and coordinate care. Services such as medication management, wellness checks, chronic disease management, patient education, and referral to other community resources are generally not covered by insurance, whether private, Maine Care, or Medicare. Lauri has also been known to change a light bulb or shovel snow. Services are provided without discrimination and regardless of financial status.

    We all know someone who mismanaged their medications resulting in an emergency room visit or hospitalization. Some patients have medication schedules with more than 15 separate prescriptions. Emergency events often have a significant negative impact on a vulnerable senior individual. Early intervention for changes in a patient’s status and medication management help residents avoid emergency episodes.

    BRDNA’s one mission for 68 years has been to directly assist vulnerable residents with services not otherwise covered by insurance. These valuable services enrich all of the community by providing proactive care. It receives financial support from concerned and generous individuals in the community, grants from charitable trusts and foundations, and funding from the towns of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport. If you did not make a contribution during our annual fall appeal, please consider mailing a contribution to: Boothbay Region District Nursing Assoc., P.O. Box 554, Boothbay, ME 04537. For additional information on the services of the District Nurse, call 633-5533.