Southport Junior Yacht Club

Tue, 07/16/2019 - 3:30pm

Today we began Week 4 with yet another BMD. With a beautiful day ahead, Will and all the instructors welcomed the young sailors back, a much smaller group than last week. A few laughs were shared as instructors introduced themselves, including their favorite vegetable: a common favorite being carrots. Soon enough, everyone was sitting on the dock, cheering on the swimmers. Rory Leao, Henry Musgrove, Holden Nehrboss, Lowell Watson and Carter Wilson took on the challenge of completing the swim test in the frigid Cozy Harbor water. Watching as Opti and Turnabout sails are raised, we look forward to seeing what exciting adventures this week holds.

Last week ended with afternoon sailors rushing back from the regatta at Harraseeket in order to run the first Bingo of the season. The turnout was amazing and after 75 minutes of playing, all 42 prizes were won. The junior officers would like to thank all the small businesses in Southport and Boothbay Harbor who generously donated items from their stores for our Bingo prizes. 

After two long days of racing in little wind at Harraseeket, 17 afternoon sailors packed up their boats and headed home for a well-deserved weekend of rest. For the Opti fleet of 37 racers, Sawyer Bates ended in 10th place, with a best race of 5th; Blake Donnellan ended in 27th place, with a best race of 22nd; and Luke Donnellan ended in 28th place, with a best race of 14th. Sawyer Bates also brought home the Sportsmanship Award for the Opti fleet. In the 420 fleet of 37 racers, Charlie Apolinsky and Abby Thress finished 2nd overall, with a best race of 2nd; Nathan Chatterton and Carolyn Parker ended in 6th, with a best race of 5th; Lucas Thress and Peter Bauman ended in 8th, with a best race of 4th; Will Moen and Kate Wickline ended in 9th, with a best race of 5th; Nate Rideout and Brian Goldsmith ended in 10th, with a best race of 4th; Jenna Peterson and Samantha Hutchinson ended in 20th, with a best race of 5th; and Tia Freund and Lily Quinn ended in 28th, with a best race of 11th. Charlie Apolinsky and Abby Thress brought home both the Sportsmanship Award as well as the “Best Wind Dance” award, a contest presented on the second day when there was no wind.

Before the racers left for the regatta, everyone participated in their weekly race-offs. For the Turnabouts, Hannah McWhan and Dewey Gray finished in first; Gus Cichoski, Isaac Morrison, and Nathan Hutzleman finished in second; and Eleanor Marshall and Lanka Bauman finished in third. In Opti Land, Ryan Peterson finished in first, after getting four straight bullets; Luke Donnellan finished in second with 10 points; and Oliver Tineo came in third with 16 points. For 420s, Bryce Jacobs and Abby Thress took first with 4 points; Charlie Apolinsky and Jenna Peterson came in second with 8 points; and Lucas Thress and Peter Bauman finished close behind in third with 9 points. 

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we will send off seven Opti sailors and eight 420 sailors to Camden to race in the Junior Olympics Regatta. Also on Thursday is our first ice cream social of the season at 7 p.m.; please bring your families to enjoy afternoon sailors scooping and topping your ice cream for you. We look forward to seeing everyone there.