Boothbay Railway Village

Markowitz and Steed to lead growth and development

Sun, 04/21/2019 - 5:00pm

In announcing new leadership positions in a re-organization to strengthen Boothbay Railway Village’s operations and financial underpinnings, Board Chair Charlie Bamberg promotes The Village’s intentions moving forward.

“To say that the Board was pleased with the number of applications for the newly created roles of directors for Operations and Marketing & Development is an understatement,” he noted. “We received over 90 applications from highly qualified and talented nonprofit and corporate executives from Maine and across the United States.”

“We were certain that our creation of two top leadership positions was in the best interests of the both the community and The Village,” he stated, adding, “and we were made sure by the process of reviewing and
interviewing candidates who excelled in their respective areas.”

The Board named Steve Markowitz, of Trevett, to head Operations and Kate Steed, of Wiscasset, to drive Marketing and Development. In his role as Operations Director, Steve Markowitz manages day-to-day activities, addresses current and deferred maintenance, provides staff supervision and holds overall responsibility for the physical structures and grounds. Steve holds a BS in Biology from Glassboro State College in New Jersey.

“Steve Markowitz is uniquely positioned to protect, preserve and advance the Village’s unique and valuable role in Maine,” stated Bamberg. “ While he oversees the ‘bricks and mortar’ of the railway and related attractions of our Village, he is a man of vision, one who is embracing the distinctive opportunity the Village offers to showcase the technology innovation and community development of our past to “fire up” the imaginations and hopes of new generations moving into the future.”

Bamberg noted Markowitz’s skill in human relations, evidenced by his management roles at Bristol-Meyers collaborating with C-suite executives and physician researchers equally well as front line staff and lab workers.

As Marketing & Development Director, Kate Steed, now a Maine resident after many years in Massachusetts, is responsible for driving and increasing value of the Village among major donor foundations, visitors and the community at large. Steed has a BA from Mass Art, a BA from UMass Boston, and a M.Ed. from Cambridge College.

Steed, experienced in both public and industry sectors, led the growth and development of multiple organizations in various capacities from establishing brand to changing public opinion to generating donations to winning elections. In the past 20 years, she has focused exclusively on the challenges faced by nonprofits, and takes on the Village’s objectives to increase its financial donor base and grow community involvement at a critical time in its history.

“We have great hopes for the Boothbay Railway Village under their leadership,” Bamberg noted, adding, “If you need anything at the Village, give them a call.”