Brady’s Apologizes!!

Tue, 04/09/2019 - 10:30am

Good Morning Boothbay Harbor!

First off this morning.... Brady’s owes BRCTV an apology for having put the station in an awkward position.  We put out there that we were working with BRCTV to provide all who could not attend the Candidate Night events a way to see them at home. This did not in any way mean that BRCTV was endorsing a candidate or was somehow involved in the BBH Selectman Campaign.  BRCTV is a local access channel funded by franchise fees paid to the individual towns and then passed on to the station in order for local content such as meetings, events, poetry readings.... stuff people want to see that can’t get out.

The station is manned mostly by volunteers and run by station manager (full disclosure, my nephew) Cody Mitchell.

Again, I apologize and hope the Candidate Nights at Brady’s will still provide a forum for anyone who wishes to participate.


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