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Doing my part to help the Coast Guard crew

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 7:15am

    I’m writing about doing my part for our local Coast Guard Station. When the government had a partial shutdown and it affected our peninsula, I knew like many others, Paul Coulombe had given the Coast Guard Station a very gracious Hannaford gift card. Thank You P.C., as always you step up to the plate in the time of need. The American Legion Hall, God bless them, gave grants and sponsored a well-attended breakfast. The Congregational Church had a supper who donated their monies as well. I felt I wanted to do my part so I got in touch with Sharon Machon-Ames who pointed me in the right direction. Thanks, Sharon.

    Operation feed the C.G.S.: After getting a phone number from Sharon and the chief’s name, Adam Smart, I called him to see what was best for him and his crew. We spoke, then it dawned on me that I knew this guy; his daughter Ali and my granddaughter Lilly were in the same class. After chatting we both realized we knew one another. Adam and his family lived here two years ago. They moved to Michigan for work and when he had the opportunity to come back to our wonderful peninsula, he and his family jumped at the chance. While talking with Adam he said this is where his family wants to reside even after he’s done with the Boothbay Harbor Coast Guard. This is where he and his family want to be, even more so after the outpouring of support from our community; no doubt, this is home.

    Breakfast and lunch are cooked for the crew by a fellow Coast Guard personnel. Dinner is a different story, so I came up with a plan. There’s nine crewmen on duty at most times. So I not only wanted to feed the crew dinner I also wanted to feed the families as well. Adam and I thought Friday would be the best day so Thursday I began cooking.

    Menu: Homemade chicken and rice soup, homemade beef stew and, yes, I even baked brownies. I’ve given you my beef stew recipe. Chicken and rice soup is easy and delicious. First of all, I had boneless chicken and split chicken bone in. I baked the bone in chicken in the oven with lots of herbs and boiled on low heat the boneless with onions, carrots, and salt and pepper to make a nice stock. Drain (saving all liquid) and shred the chicken, set aside.

    I have a rice cooker that I use a lot and love it. Basmati rice is my favorite; it’s what I use in everything, stir fries included.

    OK, time to put it all together. As you know, I always have my chicken paste ready. While cooking my rice I always add a tablespoonful to the water along with onion powder and pepper. Use a big pot and add liquid. Most likely you are going to add more water, four more cups, with four tablespoons of chicken paste. Add chicken and rice – add rice slowly. I made six cups but didn’t use it all. Throw in your chicken and, boom, you’re done. If it tastes bland, add pepper, celery salt and onion powder and even some crushed garlic – make it your own.

    I love to cook, it’s my thing that I can do for people. When someone dies, I cook. When someone has a birthday, I cook. When there is a newborn, I cook. It makes me happy and it is a way for me to give back.

    Thanks everyone and pay it forward; it is just a nice and kind thing to do.

    A special thank you to Chef Adam Smart who gave me and my awesome cousin Paula Reny (who help me transfer the food), and a shout out to Jenny M. Jones for donating the oyster crackers. We had a wonderful tour of the station. He also gave me his Challenge Coin and promised me a boat ride – in warmer weather, of course.

    Living on the edge, LOL. Not sure what’s going on next week!