Shorey gets bail reduction

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 8:45am

Patrick Shorey, 26, of Augusta, was granted a bail reduction Jan. 14. His bail was reduced from $10,000 cash bail to $5,000. In September, Shorey pled not guilty to Manslaughter, Class A, and five other charges, for a crash in Dresden in June 2017 which took the life of Carolyn Blouin, 75, of Rockville, Connecticut. Her husband, Charles Blouin, was also seriously injured, but recovered.

A month after his plea, Shorey was convicted on a separate charge of running a methamphetamine lab in his apartment in Augusta, where two young children were present. He is serving six months for that conviction.

If convicted of the six charges related to the accident, Shorey could get 30 years in prison for Manslaughter, 10 years for a class B Aggravated Criminal OUI charge, and five years each for a class C Aggravated Criminal OUI charge and Driving to Endanger charge. Fines are also possible.