What’s the Buzz? Tech magic at the Lincoln Theater

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 9:30pm

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“Love, Loss, and What I Wore” Brings Tech Magic to the Lincoln Theater.

River Company and Lincoln Theater, collaborating in staged reading production of the insightful “Love, Loss, and What I Wore,” will present vignettes, stories and monologues based on Ilene Beckerman’s best seller on Friday June 28 at 7 PM and Saturday June 29 at 2 and 7PM at the Lincoln Theater in Damariscotta.

Damon Leibert, Technical Director at the Lincoln Theater, is the type of unsung hero who quietly stays in the background making the impossible possible on a stage. In “Love, Loss and What I Wore” there is a segment that the narrator/lead draws live onstage. In a space like the Lincoln, a movie theater primarily, it would be difficult for the audience to see. Leibert took a local artist, Mary Sue Weeks and enlisted her to draw a picture. He filmed her art work as it progressed and filmed the actress mimicking the hand movements. When all is said and done for the show it will appear that the actress is drawing live on an easel back to the audience as it is simultaneously being projected on the screen above her head as if “created” on the spot.

Leibert tries to fly under the radar here in Lincoln County where he moved in 2017 with his wife, painter Madelyn Mann. It is a particular beauty of the area that people who would be stopped on the streets of Boston become part of the gang here in Maine. He has a lengthy and eclectic resume that also includes being a highly accomplished and successful fiddle player in the Boston area and beyond , heading up an audiovisual business called Live Art Technologies, and serving as the managing director of The Rockwell theater in Somerville, Mass. He is also a member, since 2012, of The Irish Comedy Tour, theirishcomedytour.com- “rated R “ he says- and he still tours annually with them as a “fiddle-playing Leprechaun.”

Having Damon Leibert at the helm of the tech for this staged reading is a treat for The River Company , according to Co-Directors Nick Azzaretti and Ellie Busby, “ Damon makes it all look easy. The collaboration between our actor-centric technologically modest group and the Lincoln Theater has allowed us to benefit from this delightful talented man, and we are so grateful.”

Zora Margolis, who appears to draw onstage is first to say she is no artist. She is- just not that kind. Margolis is the only actually named character in the play GINGY, the nickname of the author. Margolis, a playwright herself, has a background in TV and movies. She was the "Before" Model for the old Virginia Slims ads in the " You've Come a Long Way Baby" series years ago. Margolis’ original musical play “Tanglin’ Hearts” will make its East Coast debut at the Waldo Theater in September.

River Company co-directors Eleanor Cade Busby and Nick Azzaretti bring together dynamic Midcoast actors, Dagney Ernest, Christina Belknap, Carole Florman, Judy McQuillen, Zora Margolis, Christine Thalia Andersen, and Laurie Brown, who deliver the experiences of 29 women. Everyone in the audience has a memory of an item of clothing they loved or hated or perhaps it is things their own Mother said as they were growing up “You are not leaving the house in THAT,” “That makes you look too thin”, fat, pale--- and on it goes.

River Company and the Lincoln Theater have garnered support from Skidompha Library for rehearsal space, Waldo Theater for various props, and friends and neighbors. In the spirit of true Community Theater, it takes a village or villages to bring live theater to the stage.

“What I love,” said Jenny Larson who was outside the theater one day last week, “is that you never know what might happen. I am excited to see Love/Loss. I’ve seen River Company before but not on the big stage. You can really can feel the energy pouring off that stage.”

Tickets are $20 for adults, $18 for Lincoln Theater members, and $5 for youth 18 and under. All ticket sales are final – Nonrefundable and Nonexchangeable.

All tickets are available for purchase at the door beginning 30 minutes before showtime, or in advance* through Lincoln Theater’s online box office at lcct.org.

*Advance tickets or confirmation emails may be printed for admission OR you may check in with your email address at the theater box office when you arrive. Presented in Partnership with River Company & Lincoln Theater