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  • HOME SWEET HOME was embroidered on a framed sampler the living room at my grandpa and grandma’s farmhouse up on the mountain where we lived long ago and far from here.

    Those were the first words of wisdom I learned to read, write and understand. Looking back today, I realize how this inspiring motto guided me throughout my life’s work of building my own home . . . sweet and truly mine. That plus my collection of bumper sticker wisdom.

    I grew up, left home and explored various careers until I became qualified to teach Industrial Arts at my hometown high school. My plan to have my own home was in motion. I bought a modest little fixer upper at the edge of town. My intention was to fix it up, add an addition, live there awhile to make sure everything worked, sell it and finally start building my own home. I figured I could get most everything done during summer vacation. I was young and optimistic.

    I learned a great deal from that first building project. So much that I’ll have to tell you more.



Please excuse me for neglecting Home Work, this blog, these last few weeks. I’ve been distracted by the necessity to learn new things about the work involved, not so much about building my own home, but owning it.

I have learned that owning my own home is no longer a right. I may buy the land, pay for materials and provide the labor for building it but before construction begins the government confiscates it as soon as I submit to the mandatory building permit requirements. Sounds absurd, living as we do in a free country with rights to Life, Liberty and Property along with Pursuit of Happiness. Same thing. 

The reality of this new government power became clear when I decided it was time to sell the home I had been building for the last three years. Surprise #1: I may not be able to sell the home because the new owners might not be allowed to move in. Surprise #2: If that is the case, I can’t move in either if I decide to keep it. How can this be?

Following is a letter to the editor I posted a few weeks ago exposing New World Order, state and local government intentions:



Recently our state and local governments decided it had become necessary to increase regulations on private property for the health and safety of the public. It was decided the most efficient way to deliver this government service would be to confiscate private property and require all structures to be compliant with updated Building Codes. To make sure private property owners comply with the new regulations, Code Enforcement Departments were established to coordinate the transition of private property to government control. Businesses having anything to do with building are required to comply with codes or lose their right to work and become subject to punishment.  Private property owners who don’t, won’t or can’t be Code compliant are similarly fated. 

I wanted to design and build a home of my own, as is my Constitutional right, my Fourth Amendment right, and among my basic property rights. However, when you submit to a Building Permit you lose property rights, privacy rights and control of your project. You must hire licensed professionals to do or supervise the work. You cannot move into the building until you receive an Occupancy Permit from the Office of Code Enforcement, which might be issued if your project passes all the inspections. 

I built it anyway. My home is now ready to be lived in. However, if I move in without an Occupancy Permit I will be subjected to fines, penalties and worse because my home does not pass the latest of many inspections. Even though I have been Code compliant the best I could plus dealing with fees, fines, forms, funds, mortgages and inspections, brought on by this service, I am a violator, or will be if I am caught living in my new home.

The reason for this letter is that many of you are in the same situation as I am. You are in your home without government permission. Look up Agenda 21 to understand why and how this new government service has came to be. Perhaps you would like to get your home back too.

David Lee


So sorry to have to bring up this hidden menace to private homeowners and people who would like to be homeowners.

I will get back to my Home Work blog to teach people ways to build their homes by themselves, and explain my intention to start a school for Owner Builders called Owner Builder PHD. It will be fun. 

Dave Lee     Outlaw Builder

PS. What are your views and opinions on this subject?