YMCA offers Rock Steady Boxing for people with Parkinson's

Tue, 05/25/2021 - 8:15am

    Boothbay Region YMCA is now offering Rock Steady Boxing for People with Parkinson’s at the YMCA, which is a free, eight-week program. Registration is currently open for the session that begins on Tuesday, June 29. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Class sizes are small to provide individualized attention: and therefore, space is limited.

    Rock Steady is a research-based exercise program that is used around the globe. Drawing upon traditional boxing training techniques and work, the mission of improving the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease through exercise and positive social interaction. Classes are designed to be fun, push boxers to work hard, and to address a full range of challenges faced by people who function with Parkinson’s.

    Boxers undergo a diverse training regimen to improve strength, endurance and body control, all of which are associated with being a good fighter. Boxers train to improve: balance, hand-eye coordination, speed of movement, agility, muscle power, mental focus and rhythm.  All of these things happen to be issues for people with Parkinson’s. So instead of focusing on the specific symptoms of Parkinson’s, people can learn a new skill that is fun and a good stress reliever while addressing many of the symptoms of Parkinson’s. and, it’s more fun to tell your kids and grandkids that you’re going to boxing class than physical therapy.

    Rock Steady Boxing enables people battling Parkinson’s, a degenerative movement disorder, to take and active role in improving their well being with non-contact boxing inspired fitness training. Exercises are based on traditional boxing frills and designed to optimize agility, speed, endurance, balance, hand eye coordination, and overall strength. While exercises are adapted to individual capabilities and fitness levels, they remain rigorous and enable participants to push past self-imposed limits of ability- in other words, to fight!

    Rock Steady Boxing is led by Catherine Stecher, a certified Rock Steady instructor. Catherine has been leading this program at her local YMCA in Massachusetts for two years. Catherine and her family reside in Maine during their summer months.

    For additional information about Rock Steady Boxing, contact Robin Maginn at rmaginn@clcymca.org or 633-2855.