Tammy Walsh of Midcoast Humane named as one of Coast 93.1-Hannaford’s 20 Outstanding Women of 2019

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 10:30am

Midcoast Humane is pleased to announce that Tammy Walsh, community resource coordinator, has been named as one of Coast 93.1-Hannaford’s 20 Outstanding Women of 2019.

Ms. Walsh is a tireless supporter of homeless animals and is involved with several animal welfare groups beyond her role with Midcoast Humane.

She started as a volunteer at Midcoast Humane to “help these homeless animals feel loved and less stressed” and to “ensure a healthier environment for the animals.” She became an employee eight years ago, and her passion is clear: she states “Midcoast Humane is very important to me because of the care, shelter, medicines and love that we give to homeless animals at a time when they really need it.” She notes that Midcoast Human helps to save and rehome nearly 4,000 pets every year from local homes, out of state transports from shelters in other areas of the country that still have to euthanize adoptable animals for space, puppy mills, hurricanes and other weather catastrophes, and local court cases of animal neglect or abuse. Ms. Walsh shared that she has personally adopted 15 animals from the shelter and she often fosters pets as well.

When asked by Coast 93.1 if there was a time she saw the benefit of the organization impact someone’s life in a meaningful way, she shared the story of an elderly woman who called the shelter in tears as she was going to have to surrender her cat. The new low income housing she was moving to would not accept her pet because she needed approximately $500 worth of treatments and vaccinations to be considered ‘up to date.’ As the woman’s income was only $740 per month, she was unable to cover the costs. Ms. Walsh found a way to use public assistance donations to cover the costs so the elderly veteran’s widow was able to keep her furry friend.

We are proud to have Tammy Walsh on our team at Midcoast Humane and wish to congratulate her on this honor. Tammy will be featured on Coast 93.1 all day on Wednesday, Sept. 18, so tune in to learn more about Tammy and her important work at Midcoast Humane.

Coast 93.1 and Hannaford Supermarkets partner annually to identify and recognize women who go above and beyond to serve their communities. Listeners nominate candidates, and twenty are chosen to be celebrated as Outstanding Women. Each women receives her own day of recognition on Coast 93.1 and coast931.com

The 2019 program marks the third year for “20 Outstanding Women”, which will culminate in an awards ceremony on Oct. 14, that will be available live starting at 7:30 p.m. on Coast 93.1’s website www.coast931.com.