letter to the editor

Support the east side park

Posted:  Monday, April 15, 2019 - 5:45pm

Dear Editor:

We are very grateful to the dedicated group of concerned residents of Boothbay Harbor who stepped forward to form the Friends of the Harbor and have created a plan to turn the Cap’n Fish’s property into a public waterfront park for all to enjoy. It will be so nice to have a place for the public to access the waterfront within the harbor to launch kayaks, have picnics, watch the fireworks and enjoy many other activities as well as the view. Maine has so little waterfront that is designated for public access or working waterfront. We should all celebrate this endeavor to secure and protect a small portion of the harbor for public use.

The argument from people who oppose this plan appears to be that if a piece of property on or near the harbor front becomes available, it must be commercially developed and the only choice always seems to be yet another luxury hotel or short term rental property. If you are a resident of or a visitor to Boothbay Harbor and cannot afford a luxury room on the harbor front, what are your options?

This long overdue project will finally address this shortcoming.

Countless towns and cities from Camden to Key West have waterfront parks dedicated to public access and enjoyment. They all add to the beauty and character of their towns and attract people to visit and live, adding to their local economy. The new East Side Waterfront Park will do the same for Boothbay Harbor. It will attract tourists and residents to the harbor and all the commerce it currently provides.

Please support the Eastside Waterfront Park. For more information go to the website: boothbayharborwaterfrontpreservation.org

Liz and Rob Lussier

Boothbay Harbor