Southport Junior Yacht Club

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 12:30pm

Week 8 followed the summer tradition of beginning with a BMD, except this time, it was one of the nicest days all summer. The sun shinning and a beautiful southerly wind filling the harbor, the week began with both excitement and sadness. Instructors shared their final introductions for the summer, some being the very last ever. After attendance was taken, everybody gathered down on the dock to cheer on the swim tests. The brave swimmers included: Abraham Leonard, Grace Wright, and Sam Wright. With the summer slowly coming to an end, we look forward to seeing what the final week has in store for us.

Last week ended with a Halloween in August; sailors dressed up and trick-or-treated in turnabouts throughout the morning. Instructors and helpers even joined the fun of dressing up for sailing. Some instructor favorites included dressing up as siblings, an abandoned sailor, a race car/dirt bike driver, and a toga party. The Ice Cream Social, on Thursday, was a success and it even ended with a dance party, with instructors, helpers, and children all participating.

It would not be a complete week in the afternoon class without a race day. In Turnabout land, Nathan Wicker and Abbey Dupee finished in first; Alex Goldsmith and Mia Dupee finished in second; and Maggie Doyle and Lidia Cusack finished in third. For the Optis, Ryan Peterson took first with 5 points; Blake Donnellan finished in second with 11 points; and Luke Donnellan finished right behind with 13 points. For 420s, Charlie Apolinsky and Brian Goldsmith finished in first with 11 points; Bryce Jacobs and Jenna Peterson finished in second with 19 points; and Luke Thress and Abbie Peterson finished right behind with 20 points.

This week, we look forward to celebrating the summer with the SJYCSF Banquet. It is held at the Southport Town Hall on Friday, Aug. 16 at 6 p.m.. Tickets are $10 a person and there are limited seats so reserve tickets as soon as possible; they will continue to be sold until Thursday, Aug. 15. Please see Will Moen before and after sailing classes to purchase your tickets.

We want to thank everyone for making this wonderful summer possible. We hope everyone has safe travels home and has an amazing winter. We look forward to seeing everybody next summer!