Southport Junior Yacht Club

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 12:30pm

With the summer coming to a close very quickly, that doesn’t stop Week 7 from beginning with a BMD. Smiles and excitement filled the building as attendance was taken and everyone cheered on the swimmers. This week, we had 11 new sailors join the SYC family. They included: Kieran Anand, Rhiya Anand, Kelly Cenci, Ryan Chambers, Sienna Chambers, Henry Foster, Rowan Foster, Charlie Hurd, Joseph Duffy, Spike Peterson, and Zane Peterson. As the morning class slowly sailed out of the harbor, everyone looks forward to a wonderful week on the horizon.

Last week, the morning class had the opportunity to watch 25 afternoon sailors race at Maine States. Despite the very little wind, they still had a fun boat ride, the highlight being seeing a sunfish, and they were able to cheer on 420 sailors as they were towed out to the race course and later watch a few of the Green Fleet Opti races. On Thursday and Friday, Maine State 420s and Optis were held at the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club. In the Opti Green Fleet of 30 boats, Finn Uhrich placed 2nd, with a best race of a 1st; Colin Holt placed 5th, with a best race of a 1st; Skye Harrington places 8th, with a best race of a 1st; Morgan Peterson placed 10th, with a best race of a 3rd; Sabrina Fairfield placed 12th, with a best race of an 8th; and Parker Baker placed 14th, with a best race of a 3rd. In the Opti Championship Fleet of 43 boats, Ryan Peterson finished in 15th, Rachel Phippen finished in 19th, Sawyer Bates finished in 23rd, Blake Donnellan finished in 31st, and Luke Donnellan finished in 34th. In the 420 Fleet of 41 boats, Charlie Apolinsky and Brian Goldsmith placed 3rd, with a best race of a 2nd; Lucas Thress and Abbie Peterson placed 5th, with a best race of a 3rd; Nathan Chatterton and Ava Gauthier placed 7th, with a best race of a 4th; Tia Freund and Abby Thress placed 15th, with a best race of a 9th; Nate Rideout and Carolyn Parker placed 16th, with a best race of a 6th; Bryce Jacobs and Jenna Peterson placed 19th, with a best race of a 10th; and Peter Bauman and Kate Wickline placed 24th, with a best race of a 14th. We want to thank everyone who helped put together this regatta together and made it possible to send this many sailors over to race.

Before racing over at BHYC, turnabout and Opti sailors participated in their weekly race days. In Turnabout land, Nathan Wicker and Abbey Dupee raced in Tropic Thunder and finished in first; Alex Goldsmith, Aiden Ridlon, and Sascha Westermann raced in Chicken Little and finished in second; and Maggie Doyle and Mia Dupee raced in Blue Falcon and finished in third. As for Optis, Oliver Tineo finished in first with 6 points, Luke Donnellan finished in second with 8 points, and Finn Uhrich finished in third with 13 points.

This week, we look forward to seeing everyone at the last Ice Cream Social on Thursday at 7 p.m. On Friday, the annual SYC Dance is held at the Town Hall from 7:30-10:30; you have to be 13+ to attend. 

Next Friday, Aug. 16, we celebrate the summer with the SJYCSF Banquet. It is held at the Southport Town Hall and begins at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 a person and there are limited seats so reserve tickets as soon as possible. Tickets will be on sale starting this Thursday at the Ice Cream Social. They will continue to be sold before and after the morning and afternoon sailing sessions. Please see Will Moen, the Junior treasurer, to buy your tickets.