Southport Junior Yacht Club

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 12:30pm

We have been so fortunate to start every week with a BMD, and this tradition continues with the start of Week 6. This morning, it felt like the beginning of the summer as there were so many new faces around the yacht club. As a beautiful southerly filled the harbor, we began the day with 12 swim tests. The swimmers included: Hannah Abello, Annalise Ascenzi, Gaelen Booth, Lochlan Booth, Audrey Eastwood, Cole Eastwood, Charley Goodstein, Emery Goodstein, Adaline Lambert, Theodore Snydman, Sam Stinson and Lindy Tshuka. As the sun was shinning and the temperature was rising, the water “was kinda cold but not that bad.”

We ended last week with the favorite Friday Fun Day: Pirate Day. Sailors, dressed as pirates, spent the morning searching Powderhorn for the lost treasure box of candy. After the treasure was found, everyone spent the remainder of the morning exploring the island, cooling off in the water, or playing on the beach. All the sailors, having earned five pieces of candy each, were so excited as they left the yacht club for lunch. 

Afternoon sailors sailed head first into the August series with their weekly race day. In Turnabout land, Alex Goldsmith and Aiden Ridlon raced in Zumble Zay and finished in first with 6 points; Eleanor Marshall and Charlie Saljanin raced in Mouse and finished in second with 9 points; and Sage Wickline and Gabriella Moen raced in Ares and finished in third with 13 points. For the 420 sailors, the August Series brought a switch in sailing partners. This past race day, the top three finishers were right behind one another. Nathan Chatterton and Ava Gautier finished in first with 10 points; Bryce Jacobs and Jenna Peterson finished in second with 11 points; and Nate Rideout and Carolyn Parker finished in third with 12 points. On Thursday, Opti and 420 sailors hosted eight BHYC sailors for a fun day of racing.

This week, 12 Opti sailors and 14 420 sailors head over to BHYC for the Maine State(s) Regatta on Thursday and Friday. We wish the racers the best of luck in the last regatta of the summer.

On Thursday night, we encourage everyone to come to the last Bingo: the favorite Baked Goods Bingo. Any donations of baked goods for a prize would be greatly appreciated.