A simple sign means so much

Thu, 04/16/2020 - 8:00am

    FedEx courier Bob Cochran was so touched by a simple sign, he wanted to let our readers know about it and how much it means to him and other delivery people during this time of social distancing.

    Cochran grew up in Boothbay Harbor and has been delivering and picking up packages to the region’s homes and businesses for FedEx for about 22 years. He delivered a package to a Boothbay homeowner recently and came across this simple sign (pictured) taped to a chair on the porch.

    “I didn’t have my phone with me at the time but I was so touched, I went back the next day and took a photo of it,” said Cochran. “It meant so much to me, so close to my heart. Just a few kind words.”

    When he did go back to take the photo, the woman of the household, Debbie Moorefield, was outside and he asked her if he could take a photo of the sign. He said he told her how much it meant to him.

    “It was just so kind of them to do that,” said Cochran.