BRHS Cross Country

Seahawks, Wolverines put up good fights at Southern Maine Cross Country Classic

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 9:00pm

The Seahawks’ and Wolverines’ combined teams ran a hard meet at the Southern Maine Cross Country Classic in Gorham Sept. 14. Events were split into freshman/sophomore and junior/senior categories with seven for each boys’ team and four for each girls’ team.

The freshman and sophomore boys placed 18th out of 22 teams racing against 27 teams and 217 athletes overall. The junior and senior boys placed 10th out of 21 teams facing 26 teams and 442 athletes overall.

Wiscasset freshman Connor Robertson was the first Wolverine in his event to cross the finish line, placing 20th in 18:03.88. Senior Will Perkins was the first Seahawk to finish, placing 19th in 16:49.64.

The freshman and sophomore girls raced against 25 teams and 128 athletes and the junior and senior girls against 27 teams and 140 athletes, but neither placed as a team due to a short roster.

Finishing first for the freshman and sophomore event was sophomore Ava Schlosser who placed 69th in 24:02.96. Junior Glory Blethen was the first Seahawk to finish in the junior and senior girls event at 14th in 20:40.03.

The results: Boys Freshman/Sophomore: Connor Robertson, 20th, 18:03.88; Gryffin Kirstan, 60th,19:19.74; Ryan Clark, 146th, 21:56.19; Ryan Amaral, 148th, 22:00.71; Brian Gagnon, 160th, 22:29.35; Gavin Carlson, 187th, 24:17.73; and Nate Benoit, 198th, 25:40.69. Boys Junior/Senior: Will Perkins, 19th, 16:49.64; Nathan Chatterton, 89th, 18:22.66; Graham Harris, 107th, 18:35.91; Fox Elder, 109th, 18:38.33; Mason Erhard, 117th, 18:51.7; Nate Gilliam, 273rd, 21:14.85; and Quinn Ranta, 309th, 22:02.96.

Girls Freshman/Sophomore: Ava Schlosser, 69th, 24:02.45; Emerson Harris, 76th, 24:42.89; Leni Elder, 85th, 25:25.64; and Reese Hesseltine 124th, 30:46.20. Girls Junior/Senior: Glory Blethen, 14th, 20:40.03; Lily Yeaton, 60th, 23:48.48; Zada Smith, 98th, 25:43.52; and Delly Clarkson, 136th, 29:35.19.