New floats approved for Robinson’s Wharf

Thu, 06/25/2020 - 8:30am

Following a site meeting at Robinson’s Wharf Wednesday June 24, Southport selectmen unanimously approved permission for a new dock extension. The meeting was postponed from late March due to pandemic restrictions. The approved expansion was an adjusted version of the original plan and will consist of a 30-foot float plus a 40-foot finger float off the northerly end of the Wharf’s current floats.

“The original plan was for a single 86-foot float extending off to the north,” said Chair Gerry Gamage. “But after a public hearing was held, and following input from the public, we came up with a compromise of that original expansion. The resulting L-shape gives almost as much dock space but will be far less intrusive.” Gamage added, “This will be the last expansion that the town will approve at the Wharf.”

In other news, selectmen reported the opening date for the new Thompson’s Bridge has been put back to July 14.